‘Sons of Guns’ Family Had Licenses Yanked by Feds: Report

Will Hayden lines up a shot on "Sons of Guns" (Photo: Discovery)

The federal government went gunning for the gun-dealing protagonists of Discovery Channel’s “Sons of Guns” and stripped them of their licenses to manufacture firearms.

TMZ.com unearthed the story — which you can read here — but it apparently happened several years ago. As a result, Will Hayden and daughter Stephanie, who are portrayed on the show as the proprietors of Baton Rouge-based Red Jacket Firearms, are technically only employees of the firm, though it was founded by Will.

What happened was this, according to TMZ: Agents of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms showed up to do a routine inspection of Red Jacket in 2009, during which they did an inventory of the firm’s weaponry. The inventory revealed that 10 guns were missing. In 2010, the Haydens made a deal with the government under which their licenses were revoked, but they were permitted to continue working at Red Jacket under the supervision of a new, licensed boss. That boss happens to be Vincent Buckles, who’s also featured on the show.

“Sons of Guns” is one of two gun shows on Discovery; the other one is “American Guns.” And of course, co-owned Military Channel literally bristles with weaponry (understandably), with loads of specials about various weapons, and series such as “Weaponology” and “Triggers.”

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