Deep Soap: ‘Guiding Light’ Comes to DVD

Some of  “Guiding Light’s” most memorable episodes will be available on DVD in 2012. We Love Soaps reports that Soap Classics, the division of Broadway Video Distribution, which acquired the rights to all of the Procter & Gamble soaps, will release a twenty-episode DVD set in mid-January. The episodes will include Quint and Nola’s wedding, Roger Thorpe’s “death”, and the Four Musketeers meeting Nick at Christmas. Soap Classics previously released a set of “As The World Turns” DVDs which has proven popular enough that another DVD of additional episodes was released. The success of these DVDs proves that there is a market for classic soap episodes. Will ABC eventually release DVDs of “All My Children” and “One Life To Live”?

Mothers’ Day

Yes, this is another “One Life To Live” is awesome post. Only three more weeks until I will sadly stop rhapsodizing forever. Tuesday’s big event was Shane coming face-to-face with Gigi (Farah Fath), after getting Jack arrested for her murder. Young Austin Williams thoroughly owned the scene, playing both the joy and the confusion of the moment. No one in Llanview deserves a happy ending more than Shane, who has endured asthma, cancer, being lied to about the identity of his father, Being lied to about the identity of his grandfather, his mother’s excessive lipgloss, vicious bullying, being initially rejected by his long lost grandfather, and watching his bully get the girl, all before getting his driver’s license.

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My favorite scenes, however, were the ones where Blair (Kassie DePaiva) laid into Jack (Andrew Trischetta). The brat actually had the nerve to blame Blair for him being a budding sociopath, claiming that his mother was never there for him. Blair’s alleged bad mothering included being concerned about Sam when he was kidnapped. Really, Jack? WBlair, fortunately, was not falling for his bull, telling him that since she grew up in foster care she knew exactly what it was like to be ignored and unloved. Jack’s childgood was the opposite. Jack was closer to Victor because they were so much alike, not because Blair neglected him. It was great to see a television mother holding her teenage child accountable for his actions.

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The line of the day, however, belonged to Vimal who advised Neela: “When you find a boy who hasn’t killed anybody you can relate to him as much as you like.”

Ask Not For Whom The Mariachi Plays

“The Bold & the Beautiful’s” music supervisor deserves an Emmy for the sequence on Tuesday in which Steffy (Jacqueline Wood) realized that she and her husband, Liam (Scott Clifton) were vacationing at the same Mexican resort as her nemesis, Hope (Kim Matula). As a mariachi band played — a cliche that I will allow since a resort that caters to foreign tourists will embrace the cliches — the festive tune hilariously slowed down to an ominous near silence as Steffy caught a glimpse of her rival. It was amazing.

[iframe—12-27-2011/embed?skipTo=529 580 476]

What’s also amazing is how, in a time when other soaps are having popular couples elope to avoid spending money on party scenes, B&B keeps pulling off old-school glamorous location shoots. This summer it was Aspen, where the show’s executive producer Brad Bell has a home, which brought us the unintentional comedy that was the Ski Gondola of Emotional Trauma. Now four characters are vacationing in beautiful Cabo San Lucas. Maybe the show’s international popularity is persuading localities to let the show film for free. People all over the world will eventually see the well-shot footage of The Esperanza Resort . I know it was a real place because of the scenes of everyone arriving that functioned as an infommercial. Hey, if they really offer guests free margaritas upon arrival, I’m just one winning lottery ticket away from booking a reservation.

I enjoyed just how much the writers have committed to the Hope (Kim Matula) is a saint, Steffy (Jacqueline Woods) is a sinner theme. Good girl Hope turns down an alcoholic beverage, Bad girl can’t wait to down tequila. Good girl Hope giggles nervously because her step-brother/current love interest Thomas has an adjoining room with her, while bad girl Steffy can’t wait for some honeymoon sex. The Sad Montage of Liam and Hope’s Months-long Courtship tells me that I am supposed to be rooting for them to get back together, even though they spent most of their relationship not communicating with each other, and arguing about their different attitudes about sex. But I am rooting for the true supercouple: insane Steffy and her giant sunglasses.

In other B&B news, Beverly (Gina Rodriguez) became more than just a posterchild for the issue of foster children who age out of the system when she decided to go after Rick (Jacob Young) specifically because Amber (Adrienne Frantz) warned her to stay away from him. For someone who has been in the game for such a long time, Amber needs to work on her scary bitch act. Telling Beverly that being Stephanie’s latest charity case can lead to your own fashion line, marriage to a Forrester, having so much sex that you could end up with multiple who’s-the-daddy storylines, and, of course, living in a big house in Beverly Hills, the city she was named for is not exactly an incentive to stay away from the Forrester men. Also, I choose to believe that Beverly’s origin story is a shout-out to the 1980s trashy novel, Butterfly, in which a former teen prostitute makes her way to Los Angeles, rechristens herself Beverly Highland after the intersection of two Los Angeles streets and makes a fortune operating a high end brothel catering to women who want to pay for sex with hot men out of a Rodeo Drive boutique. I would pay money to see B&B rip off this storyline.

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