New Year’s Holiday Weekend TV Marathons: More than 60

Marathons on this weekend: "The Walking Dead" on AMC (top), "Jersey Shore" on MTV (featuring Snooki), "The Sopranos" on A&E, the Three Stooges on IFC and "The Twilight Zone" on SyFy (with Rod Serling) (Photos: AMC, MTV, Getty, AP)

They range from the classic to the ridiculous, but one thing is certain: Cable networks (and local TV stations) are embracing marathon airings of current and classic series this weekend like never before, in order to give most of their staffs the weekend off.

After all, how many people really have to come to the office if all a network is doing is showing one episode after another of “Pawn Stars,” “Hillbilly Handfishin'” or “Twilight Zone”? Probably, just one guy has to sit there and flip a couple of switches once in a while.

Apparently, there are more than 60 such marathons unfolding this weekend, according to the showbiz Web site The Wrap. And we have to tell you: We are SO glad they took the time over at The Wrap to wrap all these up because it’s an assignment we didn’t relish doing ourselves, to be perfectly honest.

Here’s what we will do: We will provide this link — right here — to The Wrap’s round-up, so you can go and see all of them if you like. And of course you can check your local listings.

It’s as wide-ranging a selection as you would expect from, basically, every cable network. For example, Bravo has marathons of “Millionaire Matchmaker” and various “Real Housewives” series. MTV has “Jersey Shore.” TLC has “Sister Wives.” Get the picture?

Our own preference: We tend to favor the marathons of old TV shows, silly or otherwise. For example, here in New York, we are fortunate each year to have a “Honeymooners” marathon on WPIX/Ch. 11 that runs through most, if not all, of “the classic 39” (as these shows are called by long-time fanatics) in a marathon that starts at 11 p.m. on New Year’s Eve. In this vein, on The Wrap’s list, look for “Batman” on The Hub, “The Twilight Zone” on SyFy, “The A-Team” on Centric, “The Golden Girls” on WE, “The Waltons” on GMC, the Three Stooges on IFC and “Martin” on TV One.

In fact, we suggest you peruse The Wrap’s list for the sheer entertainment value of the list itself. If nothing else, it is breathtaking.

Happy New Year.

We have many of these shows on this Web site, including tons of “The A-Team.” Watch one here:
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