‘Modern Family’ to Continue Cam-Mitch Adoption Storyline

by | January 3, 2012 at 4:40 PM | Modern Family

Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet. (ABC)

At the beginning of the season, “Modern Family” introduced a storyline where Cam (Eric Stonestreet) and Mitch (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) announced to the Pritchett and Dunphy families that they were going to adopt a second child, this one American, to be a brother or sister to their daughter Lily. But we haven’t heard much about it since. But, fear not, “Modern” fans: the storyline will be back, according to one of the show’s creators.

Christopher Lloyd told TV Guide that more adoption stories are on the way, citing that adoption is a process that “doesn’t happen overnight.” In one episode, they’ll be talking to a potential birth mother who wants to make sure her child is brought up by someone musical, and in another episode, they discuss asking someone they know to be a surrogate.

It’s actually a smart idea that the producers decided to keep this story on the back burner. Lloyd’s right; adoption does take a long time in a lot of cases, and it would have been disingenuous to make it a dominant storyline. We’ll likely see the pair make some decisions over the next few months, and maybe the season will culminate in some news. But this is a show that tries to be as “normal” as possible, and to have this simmering in the background is completely normal.

Watch the latest episode:

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