Watch: Snoop Dogg Helps Contestant Win Plinko on ‘TPIR’

This week is celebrity week on “The Price is Right,” with celebrities helping contestants in the pricing games. Whatever the contestant wins, the celebrity wins for his or her charity. On Monday, the show kicked off the week with Snoop Dogg, who ended up raising over $70,000 for his youth football leagues.

Snoop’s appearance was fairly low-key, but he did do a good job helping the contestants in most of the pricing games, even the ones with groceries. For instance, he was able to guide a contestant in the “Check Out” game to a win. The prize? A super-cool vintage Lincoln Continental.

But our favorite moment was when Snoop played Plinko with a contestant named Darlene. He not only helped Darlene get all the Plinko chips that were available, he climbed the stairs to the top of the board with her and coached her on where to place the chips. It lead to a pretty good haul for both Darlene and Snoop, as the video above shows.

Here’s a preview video from CBS, where we see Snoop rapping about his hosting gig, introducing the Showcases, and talking backstage about how much he loved the show growing up:

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