Chaz Bono Saving Up to Complete His Gender Transformation

by | January 4, 2012 at 11:49 AM | Celebrity News

Chaz Bono on "Dancing With the Stars." (ABC)

For Chaz Bono, good things come in packages, and he’s been saving up for one.

The New York Post reports that the former “Dancing With the Stars” contestant, who has already had gender reassignment surgery, is getting his finances in order to purchase a penis that he hopes has a hefty amount of—if not all—the bells and whistles.

“There’s different ways to do the surgery, from real basic to more and more options,” the 42-year-old told Rolling Stone. “It’s like a car. The doctor I want to use is in Belgrade. It’s going to be a little cheaper there. Probably $25,000, maybe $45,000, I really don’t know.”

Chaz, who was born Chastity, removed his breasts and began receiving testosterone injections after he turned 40. And although he admits that famous mom Cher has helped to pay for some of his surgeries, this time she won’t be.

“I don’t like to take money from my mom more than anybody else does,” he said. “Being self-supporting is important to me.”

Still, Chaz admits that this final step in his journey is a bit tough for even her open-mindedness. “For her, it’s a process,” he said, adding that even his ex-fiancée, Jennifer Elia, wasn’t too crazy about the idea, although “she understood my need to.”

Take A Look At How Chastity Became Chaz:

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