‘Tonight’: Tracy Morgan Gives a Dramatic Reading of ‘Planet of the Apes’

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If you see that Tracy Morgan is going to be a guest on a late night talk show, chances are about 100% that he’s going to do something entertaining. Which is why we could have cut the clip of Morgan’s appearance on “The Tonight Show” last night to a specific spot, but you pretty much have to watch the entire appearance to appreciate Morgan’s brand of performance-art/off-his-nut comedy (This was after Leno’s scathing bit about Michele Bachmann, which we talked about earlier today).

For instance, he tells Jay Leno that the interview is a mere break from baby-making activities with his fiancee, how he wants to hunt Bigfoot, how he wants a baby that’s 28 pounds and 82 ounces, and why he won’t vote for honest politicians. But our favorite moment was the “30 Rock” star’s dramatic readings from “Planet of the Apes,” a movie he says he watches, along with “Jaws,” every single day.

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