‘Live with Kelly and Rob’? Here’s the Lowe-Down on That

Rob Lowe and Kelly Ripa (Photos: Getty Images)

Would Rob Lowe ever agree to become Kelly Ripa’s new on-air partner on weekday mornings?

We kinda doubt it, but the possibility was raised Friday after Lowe finished two days as a guest host on “Live with Kelly.” In the wake of that two-day stint, TMZ.com is quoting an unnamed ABC source — in this story — as saying ABC execs “loved the chemistry between them” and that ABC has already reached out to Lowe’s reps to ask if he’d be interested in joining the show permanently.

Then, when a TMZ camera crew encountered Lowe at New York’s JFK airport preparing to return to southern California, Lowe confirmed that the subject is on the table. “We were just talking about that,” TMZ quotes Lowe as saying. “I love New York. I love the energy. It would be a change of pace. I’m a California boy, but it could be fun.”

Well, to us, that’s the crux of the matter: Lowe, 47, has lived in SoCal since he was a teenager and it is also where he has made a very substantial living. (We recently saw a spread in Architectural Digest of his home and it was mind-blowing — we can’t see any reason why he’d just up and leave such a place.) We just can’t seem to picture him settling down in New York. However, the usual rules apply: If Disney can make it worth his while, then we suppose it’s possible there could be a “Live with Kelly and Rob” show some time in the future.

As for Lowe’s “commitment” to “Parks and Recreation,” the NBC sitcom in which he’s currently appearing, we don’t think that somewhat small role would deter him from making this other career move if ABC offered him enough money to do it.

Speaking of “Parks and Recreation,” why not watch the most recent episode right here?
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