‘Project Runway All Stars’ Judge Isaac Mizrahi Is a Husband

Isaac Mizrahi. (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

Mazel on a Mizrahi marriage!

On Wednesday’s “Wendy Williams” show, fashion icon Isaac Mizrahi playfully displayed a huge sparkly on his ring finger and announced that he and his longtime partner Arnold Germer eloped on Nov. 30!

“We’ve been together for six years, but we met 10 years ago. We didn’t think we wanted to get married until they said we could in New York, and then it was like, ‘We’re getting married!’ ” said the “Project Runway All Stars” judge.

“We were at a dinner party [when we told everyone] and people have ideas,” he continued. “You have to have a series of parties, Vera Wang has to be called…it’s like, start now! We were terrified and decided to just elope at City Hall.”

And although the 50-year-old mega designer thought he’d be composed on his big day, he found himself gushing waterfalls.

“I didn’t really expect it to be a ceremony—I thought it was just a bunch of paperwork,” he told the talk show diva.

“Then [the justice of the peace] said, ‘Meet us at the chapel…Please come forward. Do you, Arnold Germer, take…’ and I started sobbing. It was one of those moments [where] I wasn’t expecting that kind of emotional, emotional impact. I think when it’s right, you know it.”

Watch Thursday’s Premiere of “Project Runway All Stars”:

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