‘Smash’: Despite Reports, No Plans on Making ‘Marilyn’ into Real Musical

Katharine McPhee as Karen on "Smash." (Photo by: Will Hart/NBC)

Recently, a New York Magazine report about “Smash” mentioned two surprising items: that the producers want the fictional “Marilyn” musical that is being produced on the show to become a real Broadway production, and that if there was a season two, a new show would be mounted as “Marilyn” hit the Great White Way. But when the “Smash” posse spoke to TV critics today in Pasadena, they backtracked from both of those notions.

“I don’t know where he (Jesse Green, who wrote the article) got that from. I’m telling you the truth,” said show creator Theresa Rebeck after the panel was over. While she made sure to praise the writer for his thoroughness, she also said “When I saw it, I was surprised. Somebody else may have told him that. I don’t know.”

She continued by saying that she knows there is chatter about “Marilyn” being a real musical, but “it’s not something that I can actually indulge in at this moment. I have to run a really complicated television show, and that’s really all I think about.”

Still, she does say she and her fellow crew watch the show-within-a-show and say “I’d watch that. There’s no question that we’d think it would be a terrific musical.”

As for the season two plans, the part about “Marilyn” hitting Broadway is true, just not the part about the second musical being mounted… at least not yet. “(Green) probably heard something around the set that was speculative. But until we know whether we have a season two everything’s got to be discussed with the network, so there’s no way to know what season two is.”

We’re with Rebeck, though; from what we’ve seen so far, we’d pay to go see the “Marilyn” musical in a heartbeat. Let’s hope it eventually happens.

Watch a sneak peek of “Smash,” which premieres on Monday, February 6:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Smash/143113/2178315945/Smash%3A-Sneak-Peek/embed 580 476]

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