‘Vampire Diaries’: A Slap, A Beheading & A Shocking Kiss

Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilbert and Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries (Bob Mahoney/The CW)

OMG. It happened. It finally happened. Around five minutes to nine last night, you may have heard a lot of high pitched screaming. “Vampire Diaries” made the dreams of hundreds of thousands of Damon and Elena shippers come true when the duo finally kissed. For those on Team Stefan, it was, of course, like being staked in the heart.

So what was the prelude to the kiss? The mid-season finale ended with Stefan (Paul Wesley) kidnapping Klaus’s four daggered siblings. Klaus (Joseph Morgan) decides to torment Elena (Nina Dobrev), assuming that Stefan will give them back to save her. He persuades his sire Tyler (Michael Trevino) to remove Jeremy’s ring then compels Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) via phone to step in front of an oncoming car. At the last second, Ric (Matt Davis) pushes him out of the way and is hit by an SUV.

Meanwhile, Bonnie (Kat Graham), who has been having dreams about the coffins, finds Stefan chilling with them in the witches house. He asks her to find a way to hide them from Klaus. When Bonnie learns what Klaus did to Jeremy, she tells Elena where Stefan is. Elena begs Stefan to help her, for Jeremy’s sake. Stefan refuses to give up the coffins, saying Jeremy isn’t his problem. Elena slaps him and flees.

Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan have another one of their ultraviolent brotherly vamp fights. After Damon shoves a stake into him, Stefan explains he saved Klaus because the hybrid army was going to kill Damon if Klaus died. Stefan is convinced there’s another way to kill Klaus. He agrees to team up with Damon to take down the Original hybrid, provided Elena is not allowed to participate in the plot. Stefan reveals to Damon that the witches are using their powers to make the coffins invisible. He later shows Bonnie a coffin he can’t open. She thinks it’s held with a spell and whatever is inside can kill Klaus.

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Though Ric’s ring saved his life, he is coughing up blood and has all the injuries that a human would normally have from getting smashed by an SUV. Elena calls the paramedics, but Klaus’s latest hybrid minion Tony compels them to leave. Then he offers to donate his blood to save Ric, if Elena will invite him in. She is on the verge of doing it until Jeremy goes bad ass, incapacitating Tony by shooting him with a crossbow, then chopping off his head with a kitchen knife! That’s how it’s done, son.

At the hospital, Ric quickly recovers thanks to an infusion of Damon’s blood. The pretty doctor on duty named Meredith (a “Grey’s Anatomy” shout out?) is interested in his healing powers. She wonders if he has a guardian angel or if he sold his soul to the devil

Elena, desperate, takes Klaus to Rebekah. He agrees to spare Jeremy in exchange for his sister. He undaggers Rebekah then warns that he’ll keep going after people Elena loves until he gets what he wants. Elena tells him that there’s no point since Stefan no longer cares about her. She turns the tables, revealing that Rebekah now knows Klaus killed her mother. When his sister wakes up, she will hate him. Klaus has no choice but to dagger her again, vowing they will be together someday.

At Elena’s request, Damon compels a depressed Jeremy to go to Denver to visit family friends and never think about Mystic Falls again. Is this really Jeremy’s swansong?  If it is, he’s certainly leaving the show on a heroic note.

Then it happens: on the Gilbert porch,Damon does the right thing and tells Elena that Stefan spared Klaus to save Damon. He regrets that he now has to feel guilty for wanting what he wants. He walks away, in his Reformed Bad Boy leather jacket. Then he remembers that he is not the good brother, and comes back to Elena, saying that if he’s going to feel guilty he wants to do it with good reason. He leans in to kiss her… and she kisses him back! And it goes on and on and on. Three years in the making, and well worth the wait.


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