Keeping Up with Keith: Latest on Olbermann’s Current Woes

Keith Olbermann (Photo: Getty Images)

Keith Olbermann and his latest employer, Al Gore’s Current TV, seem to be playing a game of chess with each maneuvering to establish their authority over the struggling, progressive channel’s coverage of the 2012 presidential campaign.

The last time we checked into this story at the beginning of this week, Keith’s Current show, “Countdown,” was being excluded from this past Tuesday’s coverage on Current of the Iowa Caucus. That led to speculation that Keith and Current were on the outs and he was headed toward another dramatic exit from yet another TV network.

But now, according to this update from, Current and Keith seem to be engaged in a stand-off or stalemate over how his “Countdown” will figure into the channel’s future coverage of the upcoming primaries.

We urge you to read the Deadline story (rather than rely on us to summarize all the ins and outs here) because it sheds some very interesting light on the situation. The thing that surprised us the most: This time, the conflict might not really be Keith’s fault, which would be a change from his past problems with employers such as ESPN, Fox News and MSNBC.

This time, if we interpret this story correctly, Keith is demanding high standards of production that this Current outfit doesn’t seem capable of achieving — the kinds of standards that are, well, standard at any other network, but at Current, are proving difficult to achieve due to inexperienced management. Among other things, the electricity apparently goes off without notice, like Current is some kind of Third World country of a TV network.

If Keith is asking for Current to maintain its current, then we don’t think this is too much to ask. Stay tuned to this story.

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