Exclusive: Watch the Season Premiere of ‘Operation: Osmin’ the World’s Most Psychotic Trainer (And He’s Probably Right)

Osmin Hernandez of Operation: Osmin (nuvo TV)

Operation: Osmin is a reality show that like nothing you’ve ever seen before, and that’s because its star, Osmin Hernandez, is like no one you’ve ever met before. Hernandez, a lean, mean, cigar-chomping workout artist who escaped from Cuba on a raft more than 30 years ago, has trained Gloria Estefan and Mickey Rourke among others. But instead of calling himself a trainer to the stars, he’s more comfortable being known as the world’s most psychotic trainer. Why? Watch Operation: Osmin and you’ll understand. Words like punishing, extreme, and insane come to mind. See for yourself. The new season premiere is available right now on xfinityTV.com before it’s January 13 on nuvo TV at 10 pm. We spoke with Osmin from his home in Miami.

Why are you called the world’s most psychotic trainer? I am crazy. You know, that’s just the way it is. I use a technique that I personally developed over the last 20 years, which is basically training like a super hero. I know nobody does what I do. I know I get out of line sometimes, and I do crazy stuff like jump off bridges, running in the street against traffic, swim in the middle of the night in the ocean. I do stuff no one would do – but I get results.

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Basically, it seems you break people down and then build them back up, stronger and healthier. True? I’ve been through numerous situations in my life and I know other people have their situations, and I try to get them to work through the situations that are getting them down and causing them to be unhealthy. It’s about facing fears, taking risks, making breakthroughs. People can train anytime of the day.

And to you being in good shape translates to self-confidence. My technique is about developing a lot of confidence. It’s about building discipline, self-respect, dedication, communication, endurance, and power. I want people to feet great physically but they can’t do that unless they also feel great about themselves mentally. I help them get there.

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Explain that in terms of what we see on your show. I mean it’s so extreme, so dramatic. It’s not ordinary personal training. No, because with me it’s all about the mind. You have to settle your mind. On my TV show, I break my people, and when I break them anything can happen. They can pass out, puke, scream, cry. Then once broken, I’m in control. Then I can do my job.

What do you mean break people? Why? I break their fears. That’s key. Whatever you’ve feared for a long time – losing weight, gaining confidence, being a better person – whatever you think you’re not doing, I get people to do it. Once you break your fear, things will change and your weight will change, too. You only gain weight when you have a problem.

Why are Americans so out of shape? People are too comfortable. They find excuses to not be in shape. They eat terribly. They stay in the same old cycle. They look for something to help them change rather than helping themselves by using what’s already inside them, what they already have. That’s why my philosophy is very simple. The world is the gym. Everything around you is a gym. Whatever you see, use it – a tire, a car – you can figure out a way to exercise, to be healthy.

What’s your favorite tip? The most important is the way you eat. Tyr to eat more clean: fish, salad and water. It works. Use everything in your house to do an exercise. Or go outside: climb a tree, run, swim in the ocean or a lake, jump a fence, clean the street, carry a tire…whatever you need to do to burn calories, lose weight, and get in shape.

It sounds simple. The whole point here is using our five senses: you have five senses, but you have to do four right and maybe one wrong – hey, nobody’s perfect. 1) you have to think right, 2) you have to eat right; 3) you got to feel right; and 4) you got to hear right. You can only move in one direction in life, the one that’s right for you.

What do you think of your show’s new season? I like it all. They’re all different because they have different people with different problems. But you can learn from watching. You can get inspired.

Why should people watch the show?
They need to watch the show because they can see what people have to go through in their life to make a change. You’re going to see regular, every day people changing their life, going through lots of pain, going through the same training and worse…this is tough, but the rewards are worth it You can see you can get up off the couch, stop making excuses, and you’ll see Osmin’s right. I can change my life. It’s a show – it will take you to a different level.

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