‘Glee’: Will ‘Walks On Water’ During Proposal, Says Matthew Morrison

Matthew Morrison at the FOX Winter All-Star Party in Pasadena (FOX)

Matthew Morrison at the FOX Winter All-Star Party in Pasadena (FOX)

When “Glee” comes back from its holiday break on Jan. 17, there is a big proposal in store. Matthew Morrison has been talking about the proposal in various interviews, saying that it will involve his character, Will Schuester, and the ever-so-meticulous Emma Pillsbury (Jayma Mays). And he’s promised it will be big, as he mentioned at the FOX Winter TCA All-Star Party last night.

“It was extreme, it was elaborate; I would have never in my wildest dreams thought of this proposal,” he said. Just how extreme? “My character literally walks on water.”

And that was a detail that he was reluctant to give; if that’s just one of the things that’s going to happen when Will proposes to Emma, then we can’t imagine how that’s going to be topped. Will Mr. Schu also be generating thunder and lightning?

Morrison is still pumped that he got a chance to direct the Christmas episode of the show, and “I’m itching to do it again,” he said. The experience was nothing but positive for him. “It was the first time I ever directed television so it was a great place to get my legs underneath me. I had the full support of my crew and the cast, everyone was just so on fire and really wanted to help me out; everyone was just into it. It was just a really great training ground.”

When asked if he’d direct an episode of “Glee” producer Ryan Murphy‘s other show, “American Horror Story,” if asked, Morrison didn’t hesitate to say yes; he’s a big fan of the show.

This week, the cast finishes shooting the Michael Jackson tribute episode — they shot the first half before the holiday break to accommodate Darren Criss‘ Broadway schedule — and the show has announced a ton of guest stars for the remainder of the season. Which stars would Morrison like to see guest on the show? “I wish Michael Jackson could have been in his tribute episode; that would have been awesome. All the people I love so much are all passed. I’d love to see Paul Newman or… Harrison Ford! I don’t know if he sings, but he would be awesome.”

It might be awesome to you, Matt, but the site of Han Solo/Indiana Jones singing and dancing will completely break our hearts.

In other “Glee” news, Chord Overstreet was also at the party, and he talked a little about his hiatus from the show. “I was working on music and got a lot of that acoomplished, and they asked if I wanted to come back, and I said yeah, sure, why not?” Coming back to work was “just like putting my shoes on again. It was fun.” He mentioned that he’s been in five episodes so far, but he doesn’t know how many more he’ll be in “I’m just kinda taking it day by day.”

Watch Matthew Morrison’s directorial debut on “Glee”:

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