New On DVD This Week: Boardwalk Empire, Hawaii Five-0, Moneyball, Killer Elite

'Boardwalk Empire' (HBO Home Entertainment)

Boardwalk Empire

From Terence Winter, Emmy Award-winning write of ‘The Sopranos,’ and executive producer Martin Scorsese, comes the lavish and addictive HBO drama ‘Boardwalk Empire‘ that recreates the glitter and decadence of 1920’s Atlantic City at a time when Prohibition proved to be a major catalyst in the rist of organized crime in America. Full of corruption, backroom politics, vicious power struggles and a fierce hunger for wealth, the critically acclaimed series personifies one of the most colorful and violent time periods in American history. ‘Boardwalk Empire’ won eight Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series (Martin Scorsese), and the 2011 Golden Globe Award for Best Drama Series and Best Actor (Steve Buscemi). The Great War was over, Wall Street was about to boom, women got the vote, and everything was for sale, even the World Series. The undisputed ruler of Atlantic City was the town’s treasurer Enoch “Nucky” Thompson (Buscemi), a political fixer and backroom dealer who was equal parts politician and criminal and equally comfortable in either role. Buy the Season 1 Blu-ray right here.

Hawaii Five-0

Electrifying twists and mind-blowing turns paved the way for a showstopper of a series ending. In ‘Hawaii Five-0: The Twelfth and Final Season,’ the world’s best police force tracks down Hawaii’s most notorious thieves and murderers for the very last time. The series finale features a showdown between Steve McGarrett (Jack Lord) and his ultimate nemesis, Wo Fat, whom McGarrett has been hunting since the series’ pilot episode. Other cast members include William Smith, Sharon Farrell, Herman Wedemeyer and Moe Keale. Buy the Season 12 DVD right here.


The inspirational story based on Michael Lewis’ best-selling book, ‘Moneyball,’ is now available on DVD, Blu-ray and Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack and on digital from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. The critically acclaimed film stars two-time Academy Award nominee Brad Pitt (Twelve Monkeys, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) in an outstanding performance as Oakland A’s General Manager, Billy Beane. On the roster with Pitt are Jonah Hill (Get Him to the Greek), Academy Award winner Philip Seymour Hoffman (2005, Best Actor, Capote) and Golden Globe nominee Robin Wright (1994, Best Actress, Forrest Gump). ‘Moneyball’ also features an all-star lineup of filmmakers. Academy Award winners Steven Zaillian (1993, Best Adapted Screenplay, Schindler’s List) and Aaron Sorkin (2010, Best Adapted Screenplay, The Social Network) wrote the screenplay. The film was directed by Academy Award nominee Bennett Miller (2005, Best Director, Capote), produced by Michael DeLuca (The Social Network), Rachael Horovitz (About Schmidt) and Brad Pitt; and executive produced by Scott Rudin, Andrew Karsch (Conviction), Sidney Kimmel (The Lincoln Lawyer) and Mark Bakshi (Rango). Buy the Blu-ray/DVD combo pack right here.

Killer Elite

Based on the same real-life events that inspired Ranulph Fiennes’ gripping best-seller The Feather Men, writer/director Gary McKendry’s globe-trotting action ‘Killer Elite‘ follows the adventures of an ex-special-ops agent (Jason Statham) as he emerges from retirement to track down his missing mentor (Robert De Niro). But accomplishing that goal won’t be easy, because a master killer (Clive Owen) has dispatched a trio of fierce assassins to exterminate the hardboiled former agent by any means necessary. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

An Idiot Abroad

In the hilarious series ‘An Idiot Abroad,’ Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, co-creators of The Office and Extras, send their friend Karl Pilkington (The Ricky Gervais Show) around the world…against his will. Karl thinks he’s visiting the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, but along the way the “Little Englander” must endure camel rides, jungle treks, tribal customs and local oddballs while dining on toads and testicle and searching for a clean bathroom. Will this be the trip of a lifetime, or the vacation from hell? And will Karl even know the difference? Bonus features include The Preview Show, deleted scenes, and a photo gallery. Buy the DVD right here.

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Scorpion King 3

A once-powerful warrior king takes on a new life as an assassin for hire in the  DVD Original ‘The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption,’ now available on Blu-ray and DVD.  The latest chapter in  Universal’s enormously popular The Mummy franchise, The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption brings the heroic, larger-than-life saga of the dethroned king Mathayus to face some of his fiercest demons and most vicious rivals—both real and supernatural—ever. In a dangerous, action-packed battle to regain his glory and reclaim the empire, Mathayus’s journey is steeped in intrigue, sorcery and romance, fueling this new film that spawned from the billion-dollar The Mummy film franchise. ‘The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption’ tops the series once again, featuring even more of the heart-stopping action, mind-bending stunts and astonishing plot twists that have earned the series millions of fans the world over. The film’s spectacular fight scenes, choreographed by renowned stunt experts Kawee “Seng” Sirikanerut (Ongbok, Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Cradle of Civilization) and Supoj “Jimmy” Khaowwong (Batman Begins), are showcased within enchanting ancient palaces, against a backdrop of breathtaking desert vistas. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

Dennis the Menace

For the first time in home entertainment, all 38 episodes from the fourth season of the comedic classic are available on DVD. Based on the comic strip of the same name, ‘Dennis the Menace‘ follows the lives of the Mitchell family – Henry, Alice, and their only child, Dennis. Dennis is an energetic, well meaning, but trouble prone boy and sometimes a mischievous child. He often tangles with peace-and-quiet-loving neighbor, George Wilson. Buy the Season 4 DVD right here.


The BAFTA-nominated show ‘Primeval‘ returns for its third action-packed volume containing the complete UK seasons four and five. Picking up 12 months after the events of Volume Two, Abby and Connor finally escape from the Cretaceous period, only to be followed by a giant Spinosaurus, the largest of all known carnivorous dinosaurs.  A new Anomaly Research Center (ARC) team springs into action, leaving Abby and Connor’s place within the team in jeopardy while their former leader Danny is still missing. Primeval combines the action, thrills and dazzling special effects of Walking With Dinosaurs with a haunting new love story, and continues to ask a terrifying question – has mankind come to the end of the evolutionary road? Bonus features include the documentary “New Dawn: Making the new Primeval” as well as season four episode prequels. Buy the Volume 3 DVD right here.

Frozen World

In ‘Frozen World: The Story of the Ice Age,’ take a remarkable journey through a fascinating period in the history of the earth.  From the primitive man who inhabited the planet to a volcanic eruption and its devastating impact and a fascinating look at a changing world and the cost of survival, to an exploration into the possibilities of another Ice Age, this 2-disc DVD features four History specials, each examining a different aspect of the Ice Age. We start with “Clash of the Cavemen”, which compares the Neanderthals with the Cro-Magnons and follows them through a bone-chilling Ice Age winter, ending with the extinction of one species.  Next, “Volcanic Winter” goes back 75,000 years to trace the impact of a volcanic eruption – how it may have pushed the planet into an ice age and how it could have brought humanity to the edge of extinction. Then, take a “Journey to 10,000 BC” for the real story of life on earth during that time to unravel the geologic mystery surrounding the first environmental crisis faced by man. And finally, “Mega Freeze” asks if an Ice Age could happen again and if, in fact, it may already be too late to prevent a global disaster. Buy the DVD right here.


Dexterous martial-arts legend Jackie Chan reaches his 100th-film milestone with this historical drama set in the year ‘1911,’ as the Chinese public begins to revolt against the Qing dynasty that has ruled the country for 250 years. As the child emperor takes the throne and his mother, Empress Dowager Longyu (Joan Chen), clings to power, famine sweeps the land and warring factions clash in battle. Meanwhile, the army beings targeting rebels, and the desperate leaders of the Qing dynasty begin putting the country’s future at risk through rampant trading with foreign countries. When Huang Xing (Jackie Chan) returns home from studying modern warfare in Japan, he finds his homeland consumed by strife. Realizing that the only hope for the future is for China to take up arms and topple the Qing dynasty, Huang enters into an epic battle that threatens devastating consequences for the common people. Lee Bing Bing, Jaycee Chan, and Winston Chao co-star. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

GI Joe: A Real American Hero

The incredible adventures of the international team of heroes known as ‘G.I. Joe’ continue. Together they defend the globe against Cobra, a ruthless organization led by Serpentor and the recently rejuvenated Cobra Commander, who are both determined to conquer the world by any means necessary. In 1989 a popular second G.I. JOE animated series was created and helped revive the franchise by introducing fans to new G.I. JOE and Cobra troops alike! Now you can experience the adventures of that second series from the beginning, including the fan-favorite miniseries that started it all — Operation Dragonfire. Buy the Series 2, Season 1 DVD right here.

Doctor Who

Returning to London, the Doctor and Sarah Jane find a city almost completely devoid of life. The civilian population has been evacuated in the wake of an unimaginable event: somehow dinosaurs have returned to terrorize the Earth. As the Brigadier and UNIT fend off increasingly vicious attacks from gigantic prehistoric reptiles, the Doctor investigates just how these monsters are appearing without warning. But when Sarah Jane is kidnapped, the Doctor realizes perhaps even his oldest friends can’t be trusted. Featuring Jon Pertwee (the Third Doctor) and Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith), this digitally remastered version of the classic Doctor Who story is available for the first time in this 2-disc set. When the TARDIS lands in the sleepy English village of Devesham, Sarah Jane thinks the Doctor has finally got her back home. But all is not as it seems – the village is deserted and deadly white-suited spacemen patrol the countryside. When the dead begin to come back to life, the Doctor decides to contact UNIT. But their UNIT friends are also dangerously changed. Who is Senior Defense Astronaut Guy Crayford, and why is he in charge of UNIT? Who are his true masters, and what insidious plans are they concocting behind the scenes? The Doctor soon discovers the invasion of Earth has already begun, and if he doesn’t stop it mankind will be utterly wiped out. Featuring Tom Baker (the Fourth Doctor) and Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith), this digitally remastered version of the classic Doctor Who story is available for the first time in this single disc set. Buy the Invasion of the Dinosaurs DVD and the Android Invasion DVD.

A Mile in His Shoes

A story of aspiration and revelation from director William Dear (Angels In The Outfield, The Perfect Game) and starring Dean Cain (“Lois & Clarke: The New Adventures Of Superman”), ‘A Mile In His Shoes’ is now available on DVD. Presented by renowned artist Thomas Kinkade, the family-friendly film follows a young man’s journey from a place of misunderstanding to acceptance with the help of America’s favorite pastime. Luke Schroder makes his acting debut as Mickey Tussler, a teen in the 1940s struggling with a little-known condition called “autism.” Unable to connect with those around him, Mickey’s natural athletic abilities go undiscovered until one day when baseball manager Arthur “Murph” Murphy (Cain) happens to witness Mickey throwing around an apple with his pet pig. Sensing Mickey’s pitching talent, Murph finds a place for him on the field. However, the symptoms of Mickey’s autism soon set him apart from his teammates, leaving Murph to find a way to reach Mickey, and inspire his players to overcome their differences to reach a better place of understanding. Buy the DVD right here.

Sid and Nancy

Live fast and die young. Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment presents the tragic love story between a flawed and fascinating punk rock icon and the American groupie who adored him with the Blu-ray release of ‘Sid & Nancy: 25th Anniversary Edition.’ Gary Oldman (Harry Potter franchise, The Dark Knight) and Chloe Webb (The Newton Boys) star as Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious and his unforgettable junkie girlfriend, two social misfits who literally love each other to death. In this stunning biography, visionary writer/director Alex Cox (Repo Man) creates an unforgettable film about the destructive lives of two 1970’s punk legends. Their love affair is one of pure devotion. Sid falls hard for groupie Nancy Spungen, who seduces him with her affection and addiction to heroin. Their inseparable bond to each other and their drugs eventually corrodes the band, sending Sid and Nancy down a dark road of despair.  Out of money, hope and options, the despondent pair hit rock bottom while living in squalor at New York’s infamous Chelsea Hotel. But their journey takes yet another tragic turn as they face their final curtain and attempt to fulfill their destiny of going out in a blaze of glory. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

What’s Your Number?

Inspired by author Karyn Bosnak’s novel 20 Times a Lady, director Mark Mylod’s freewheeling comedy ‘What’s Your Number?‘ tells the tale of one hopelessly single women who’s convinced she’s passed up the man of her dreams. Upon reading a magazine article that leaves her dejected about her future marriage prospects, Ally Darling (Anna Faris) begins to fear that one of her many ex-boyfriends may have been “the one that got away.” Now, with a little help from her mischievous neighbor (Chris Evans), Ally is paying a visit to each of her exes in order to reel in the perfect catch. Buy the Blu-ray/DVD combo pack right here.

The Garfield Show

Join Garfield and the gang on an all-new journey with the release of The Garfield Show: Dinosaurs and Other Animal Adventures,’ now available on DVD. This hilarious collection includes six animal-themed episodes filled with exciting, fun and new discoveries from the highly rated series currently airing on The Cartoon Network. Voted favorite comic strip character by Nickelodeon Magazine readers, Garfield continues to enchant audiences of all ages. The CGI-animated cartoon is based on Jim Davis’ multiple award-winning comic strip and follows the hilarious antics of the world-famous flabby tabby and his affable canine friend Odie. No stone is left unturned when Garfield and Odie go on wild adventures digging for dinosaur fossils and exploring oceanic creatures. Buy the Dinosaur and Animal Adventures DVD right here.

King Arthur and Medieval Britain

For centuries, the adventures of King Arthur and his fabled court of heroes, the Knights of the Round Table, have dominated the imagination of the western world.  Join History to go behind the legends with ‘King Arthur and Medieval Britain,’ a special collection that presents five original specials that will help separate fact from fiction: Quest for King Arthur examines the tantalizing historical facts behind the story of King Arthur and his band of deathless heroes and illuminates the contemporary quest by researchers to establish if the 6th-century warlord truly existed. King Arthur: His Life and Legends offers stunning recreations and abundant images from centuries past, to explore the social, political and emotional factors that have made Arthur’s story so dear to Western culture. Ancient Mysteries: Camelot takes the viewer on a magical quest through England and Wales in search of Lancelot, Guinevere, Merlin, and Excalibur in an attempt to uncover evidence that Arthur’s battles really took place. Knights and Armor traces the history of arms and armor with an up-close look at the world-famous Graz collection of Armor in Austria and recaptures the chivalry and grandeur of a legendary, by-gone age. Quest for the Holy Grail wonders if it is possible this sacred relic has survived as a hidden treasure or could it be one of the ancient vessels displayed in museums throughout the world. Buy the DVD right here.

Bratz: Desert Jewelz

The Girls with a Passion for Fashion return with a “gem” of a movie with the release of “Bratz: Desert Jewelz.” Starring all four fabulous friends – Cloe, Jade, Sasha and Yasmin – the new feature finds the Bratz on a magic carpet ride in a far-away land where they must rescue a mystical lamp from evil. The movie is sure to be a hit with young girls who want to experience the power of friendship and loyalty. The Bratz join their friend Katia at a fashion show in a far off exotic land. Quickly they fun turns into an adventure when the Bratz and their new BFF are whisked off the fashion show runway and onto a magic carpet ride. Buy the DVD right here.

Answer This!

A trivia-obsessed University of Michigan graduate student and Ann Arbor native adds a new twist to his favorite game upon realizing that he’s about to enter the real world, and he has no idea how to earn a living in ‘Answer This!‘ Paul’s father has always been there to support him, but now the time has come for the son to strike out on his own. Uncertain of how to function outside of his comfort zone, Paul uses his vast years of experience answering random questions in bars to launch the first official Ann Arbor Pub Trivia Tournament, an event that will determine once and for all who is the biggest fountain of useless knowledge in town. Buy the DVD right here.

Saving Private Perez

Head south of the border this winter with the release of ‘Saving Private Perez,’ now available on DVD. The action-comedy stars some of Mexico’s hottest stars including Miguel Rodarte, Jesus Ochoa, Joaquin Cosio, Jaime Camil and Adal Ramones in a fish-out-of-water comedy. Julian Perez (Rodarte), Mexico’s most notorious gangster answers to no one…except his mother. On orders from the woman herself, Julian is sent to the warzone of Iraq on a  mission to retrieve his younger brother. Buy the DVD right here.

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