‘Pretty Little Liars’: Is Lucas Breaking Bad… Or Breaking Down?

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Is nice, nerdy Lucas (Brendan Robinson)  A’s minion? Is nice, nerdy Lucas still alive? Did Hanna (Ashley Benson) kill him? Those are the questions on the minds of “Pretty Little Liars” fans after this week’s shocking episode, “A Hot Piece of A.” Hanna was, as always, painfully insensitive to Lucas’s feelings, ordering him to help her study for her history test while telling him all about her plans to throw a surprise party for her sexy, bad boy boyfriend Caleb (Tyler Blackburn). Why not plunge the knife right into his heart, Hanna?

The Liars first clue that Lucas was more than a long-suffering Nice Guy, resigned to his fate as the lonely Beta male, was when Lucas called in to the crisis center where Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Spencer (Troiann Bellasario) were working as part of her community service. He said “I’m in way too deep. I had to do something. I don’t have a choice. I should have known better. I just got sucked in and it made me feel like I finally had some power. I can’t make this go away. I never wanted to hurt anybody but now I have to. There is only one solution and it’s not going to be pretty. I know what I have to do and I just hate to do it.”  Earlier, Emilu read a transcript reportedly from the same person, seemingly confessing to losing A’s precious cell phone. Hanna did not want to believe it, but Spencer and Emily point out that Lucas hated Alison, and could have been pressure by A.

Lucas calls Emily again and says that he has made a decision. He has to take care of it tonight, but he’s scared to lose her forever. Is he planning to murder Hanna, or just cut her out of her life before his self esteem is destroyed?

At Caleb’s birthday party, Hanna and Lucas end up in a rowboat, en route to get some contraband party fireworks. Lucas creepily starts to tell her something. She interrupts, apologizing for taking advantage of him. He tells her it’s not about the “stupid fireworks” then jumps out of the boat. Hanna attempts to row back to shore, but the boat capsizes. She swims to safety, but there is no sign of Lucas other than his shoe, which A fishes out of the water at the end of the episode. Is Lucas evil or just a boy who can’t take being used anymore? Watch and decide.

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