May Wedding Likely on ‘Mike & Molly’

Billy Gardell and Melissa McCarthy of "Mike & Molly" at the TCA Winter 2012 Tour (CBS)

Billy Gardell and Melissa McCarthy of "Mike & Molly" at the TCA Winter 2012 Tour (CBS)

The “Mike & Molly” panel at the TCA press tour this morning was so much different than the one they had before they premiered two years ago, when everyone asked about all the show’s fat jokes.

Now, with the show settled into a comedic groove, and one of its co-stars, Melissa McCarthy, the hottest name in show business, the critics were much more kind to the show. So, unlike the tension that reigned at the “2 Broke Girls” panel that occurred later, the most serious thing in this panel was McCarthy’s case of laryngitis.

But there was one fun piece of news: After a season of exploring Mike (Billy Gardell) and Molly’s relationship after getting engaged, the show’s creator, Mark Roberts, told the critics that the pair will likely get married sometime in May.

McCarthy’s reaction was surprise: “I didn’t know that,” to which Roberts, who had been making fun of McCarthy’s rising profile over the last year, shot back, “Gotta run everything by you, don’t we?”

The reason why this isn’t a big spoiler is because, as Gardell told the critics, the show is “about human moments. We weren’t going to wait 4 years to say, ‘Are they going to get together?'” It’s a story about people who never thought they would find love actually finding it. “If you don’t root for that, you’re dead inside,” he said.

The cast has expanded, adding Mike’s mother Peggy (Rondi Reed) and Molly’s mother’s slimy fiance Vince (Louis Mustillo) to the permanent cast. And the writers love the fact that they can cast their net a little wider. “We’ll follow the course of their relationship in whatever way we see fit,” said Roberts. “But with a bigger ensemble, we’ll follow their lives too. In some storylines Mike and Molly can become supporting players.”

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