‘Revenge’ Shocking Twist: Who Has a Secret Half-Sibling?

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The best plot twists are the ones that seem obvious and inevitable once they are revealed. This week’s episode of “Revenge,” “Infamy” rolled along, bringing back Emanda’s red smiting Sharpie, until the final scene. Then, via an old videotaped interview between David and this week’s crossed out Emanda Enemy, Mason Treadwell (Roger Bart) we learned that Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) is Emanda’s (Emily VanCamp) half-sister!

Yes, the series’ second least-essential character, (Declan, you are number one in this category), has a purpose beyond her theoretical appeal to teenage viewers.  Not only did Victoria (Madeline Stowe) fake a pregnancy to trick Conrad into marrying her all those years ago, she tricked Conrad (Henry Czerny) into raising her lover’s child as his own. This puts a whole new spin on Victoria’s confession that she regretted having Charlotte.

Before the videotaped revelation, this episode was all about ludicrous preppy male fashion, with Mason and Nolan competing to out-pastel each other for the title of the Hamptons’ Top Fop. Bart absolutely killed in the role of Mason, a  true crime writer who seems to be equal parts Dominick Dunne, Tom Wolfe and Truman Capote. Mason sherberts his way onto the screen at a reading of his latest book. He fawns over Nolan (Gabriel Mann), who we learn is Wired magazine’s man of the decade. Why Nolan does not pack up his lemon yellow polo shirts and head to the Silicon Valley where he would be surrounded by throngs of admirers instead of resigning himself to a lonely life as Emanda’s minion is a mystery for the ages.

Mason’s first book was an expose of David Clarke. He interviewed a seven year-old Amanda about her father, since apparently orphanages will allow ambitious journalists to question children alone. Mason, who used the name Leo at the time because everyone on this show has multiple identities, told Amanda that he believed her father was innocent. When she read his book, because the orphanage had a well stocked library and she was a precocious reader, she was devastated to learn that the book made such a convincing case for her father’s guilt that she believed he was a terrorist. It was Victoria, of course, who persuaded Mason to lie in exchange for fame and fortune.

Nolan attempts to get over his PTSD from being held hostage by Tyler, with a visit to the shooting range. Rehiring his giant security guard seems like a better strategy.

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Emanda’s Red Sharpie Revenge against Mason consists of getting him to interview Amily (Margartia Leveiva), who wears an earpiece so Emanda can, as Nolan puts it, play Cyrano, and she threatens to expose his lies if he does not come clean. Of course, after Victoria puts the fear of becoming the next James Frey into him, he proclaims that he is still convinced of David’s guilt at a reading of his memoir. While Nolan takes Mason on a date that he pretends is a meeting about Mason writing his memoirs, Emanda breaks into the house, steals all the videotapes of Mason’s interviews with her father including the one in which David reveals Victoria was pregnant with his child, and sets the sole copy of his memoir on fire with Amily’s cigarette lighter. Mason returns to find his house burning and melodramatically falls to his knees, screaming about his lost manuscript. Have Nolan show you how to save your work in The Cloud, Mason.

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In other news, Daniel (Josh Bowman) considers proposing to Emanda both because she insists if he wants to live with her he has to put a ring on it, and because if he gets married he can get his hands on his stake in Grayson Investments before he turns 30. Amily kisses a girl, Katy Perry style, while bartending.

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This is only relevant because they are shown locking lips while Nolan and Tyler were not allowed to kiss on screen. That’s a ridiculous double standard, ABC.

Quote of the week:

“Spineless seersucking dilettante. You know, I haven’t been this disappointed since Phantom Menace.” – Nolan to Emanda about Mason.


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