Letterman Relives Childhood Memories By Ordering From Steak ‘N Shake

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Even though it was almost midnight, we got hungry just watching this on last night’s “Late Show”: David Letterman recalled to his audience how much he used to love the Midwest-based burger chain Steak ‘N Shake, talking off-the-cuff about how he used to take his bike there when he was a kid and indulge in their famous steakburgers and shakes.

He was so giddy that the chain has opened a restaurant in New York — right next to the Ed Sullivan Theater, no less — that he ordered steakburgers and shakes for both himself and bandleader Paul Shaffer. From the look on his face as he ate the burger, he thought it tasted just like it did fifty-five years ago.

Oh, and for those of you who watch the clip who are familiar with the chain, the New York outpost is apparently using more of a fast-food-like model. We prefer the sit-down models of the originals, but however we’re able to get our steakburgers is fine with us.

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