‘Vampire Diaries’: Innocence Lost in Poignent Episode


The Vampire Diaries (CW)

Hello vampires, goodbye carefree adolescence. Both Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Caroline (Candice Accola) mourned their lost innocence in this week’s poignant episode of  “Vampire Diaries,” “Our Town.”  Anyone who recalls their high school’s plays knows that Our Town is about a dead girl bidding farewell to her life. That would be Caroline, the vampire whose human life ended when she was 17. She can’t fake enthusiasm for her eighteenth birthday because she is mourning the loss of her relationship with hybrid Tyler (Michael Trevino). She dumped him because his sire loyalty to Klaus (Joseph Morgan) nearly got Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) killed last week even though he has thoughtfully gifted her with a charm bracelet.

Her friends turn her birthday party into a funeral so she can say goodbye to the girl she used to be. It’s an Irish Wake in that, like real life teenagers, after a couple hours hanging out in the woods, they start drinking. Tyler shows up, after refusing Klaus’s request that he bite Caroline, to tell her that he will always choose her over Klaus. They kiss, but the make out session turns deadly when Tyler seemingly involuntarily bites her neck. Poor, ordinary Matt (Zach Roerig) brings Caroline home. Klaus arrives and offers his life-saving blood. He makes a beautiful speech about the whole world of opportunities awaiting Caroline if she just embraces being a vampire. She drinks from him. The next morning she wakes up to find that Klaus has left her a birthday present: a diamond bracelet. Shall we call them Klaroline?

Stefan. (Paul Wesley) tired of being attacked by hybrids, decides to go after Klaus by, as he puts it, being a better villain. When Klaus buys his way into the Council’s good graces, Stefan decides to cut off Klaus’s hybrid supply chain by kidnapping Elena, whose blood can transform werewolves into hybrids. In a chilling scene, he takes her on a high speed ride on the bridge where her parents died. He forces her to drink from him, so that she will become a vampire if she dies. Then he phones Klaus to threaten to drive off the bridge with Elena unless he sends his hybrid army away from Mystic Falls. Klaus blinks and relents. Elena is hurt and angry that Stefan could force her to relive the worst moment of her life. He tells her that her authentic fear was what got to Klaus. He no longer cares about her, and she needs to accept that she lost him the moment he left town with Klaus.

Oh, yeah. The Elena/Damon kiss that rocked the TVD fandom last week? Elena and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) spend the whole episode avoiding talking about it. Then he gives her a ride home after Stefan’s wild ride. Damon thinks Stefan had a good strategy, though he feels bad for her. Elena says she can’t kiss him again. It’s not right. He tells her it’s right, but not right now. Will it be right during February sweeps, Elena?

Elena and Matt remember that they used to date and go back to the bridge together. He encourages her to let go of the normal, carefree girl she used to be before her parents died and two vampire brothers fell in love with her. They throw flowers into the water as a memorial to both Elena’s parents and her innocence. Can we see more of the Elena/Matt friendship? It’s interesting.

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