‘Bachelor’ Cast-off Jenna: ‘My Emotions, Nerves Got the Best of Me’

It wasn't exactly love at first sight for Jenna Burke and Ben Flajnik on "The Bachelor" (Photo: ABC)

With all that pulsating estrogen under the “Bachelor” mansion, there’s always at least one feline that loses her love marbles. And so far this season, that girl was Jenna Burke.

Not only did the New York City “Over-Analyst” blogger flip out and constantly gush waterfalls during her brief two-episode stint, but she also had the first recorded catfight of the season with Monica Spannbauer. Meow.

In a conference call with reporters on Thursday, the 27-year-old Ohio native explained why she was so emotionally unstable on the show, how she and Monica are doing today, and what she thinks of eyebrow-raising contestants Blakeley Shea and Courtney Robertson.

What was it about you that you wished we had known or seen while you were on the show? Unfortunately, there was a lot going on in my life at the time … I was actually changing my career … getting over a breakup but really wanting to move forward.

I realize I wasn’t really at a strong point, and I think when talking about love and relationships and what you hope to find, you talk about that non-stop. It’s almost like one big therapy session. And I didn’t realize that I was carrying pain from my past. I thought I had moved on.

There’s usually at least one girl on the show who gets really emotional but then says that’s not how she really is in real life. Do you think you were that girl this season? Absolutely. I just wanted to shake myself and be like, ‘Get a grip.’ And I can look back at those moments and laugh. I just think I’m in a much stronger place in my life, and it’s really important that people go on that and realize that you need to be in a good place in your life to find love again.

Unfortunately, I didn’t react the way I wanted to, but you can’t help your emotions. My emotions and nerves got the best of me.

Wanna see what happened to Jenna? Watch the most recent episode of “The Bachelor” here:
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You seemed to have a lot of issues with Monica on the premiere episode … I didn’t understand her personality. Something rubbed me the wrong way that night. I overheard her saying things, and I wanted to confront her, and it was a very awkward, awkward moment because she really wasn’t saying how she was feeling, and I knew how she was feeling.

The next day, I approached her, and I talked to her.  And she was like a totally different person. I said how I felt, and it was like the real Jenna got to know the real Monica, and the real Monica got to know the real Jenna.

She’s a great person, I think we just [had] bad first impressions [of each other]. But we had a great time together, we really got to know a lot about each other.

Looking back at yourself and where you were at emotionally at the time, do you understand why Ben sent you home? I would have sent myself home, to be honest. It was just one thing after the next, and it doesn’t really build your confidence. I have to admit, going on the group date, you kind of wonder, ‘Are these the women that he puts together because he’s unsure about?’ That’s kind of how I felt.

I knew my last conversation with him was like the make or break, because we didn’t have any time, and I’m not the kind of girl to be like, ‘Excuse me, can I snatch Ben away from you?’

It was a lot of pressure. I don’t know how in one conversation I’m supposed to make a huge comeback. I wanted to say so much, but it came out so awkward … and all of a sudden, Jaclyn came up, and it was like bam, done. Then I just felt like this might be my last night.

It seems like the latest controversial girls are Courtney and Blakeley. What do you think of them? I have known girls like Blakeley, and I had a lot of time with Blakeley. My first impression of her [was] aggressive. She doesn’t want to be friends with anybody except Monica. But I think they realized they needed to break up a little bit because they were being pinpointed in the wrong way.

So I got to know [Blakeley] more, and the girl does have a heart, you know. I think we all have our insecurities, and the way Blakeley deals with her insecurities is she’s more aggressive.  But there’s other sides of Blakeley.

And Courtney? I only probably had one conversation with her. She plays with her hair a lot.  But you know, after watching the show, I think there’s like a serious case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

With the girls who are left, who do you think are great matches for Ben? Frontrunners happen to be my close friends on the show. I think Kacie B., Lindzi C., and Nicki. I feel like all of them are in good places in their life … and they were ready for this experience.

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