‘Kourt & Kim Take NY’: Kim Breaks Down, Admits She Rushed into Marriage

Family and marital issues abounded on last night’s “Kourtney & Kim Take New York,” as Kim revealed her now-famous mea culpa about rushing into her nuptials with Kris…but before she turned into vulnerable mush, there were still a few sisterly bumps in the road.

Weeks had gone by since Kim attacked Khlo-Mo, calling her an “evil f–king ugly little troll” and accusing her of being jealous of her life with her NBA baller. However, no one was on Kim’s side, and they all started to feel exasperated by her new diva ‘tude that had emerged full-force post-Dubai.

Considering Khloé was the most outspoken of the fam about Kris not being a good match for Kim, it wasn’t surprising that Kim’s pride was hurt that her little sis’ hunch was right on, and thus, kept her guard up with her. Can we say denial?

Watch Kim talk smack about Khloé.

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“Something’s going on with Kim; she’s usually not this stubborn,” said Kourt about Kim’s refusal to apologize to Khloé.

Kris noticed Kim’s cold behavior, too. “Kim’s acting weird..I think sometimes when things get out of her norm…she just panics,” an unassuming Kris told his BFF.

After much high-pitched, slow-spoken squabbling, the truth finally came out at the end of the eppy with Kim asking Khlo-Mo for her forgiveness and schpeeling about her marital duress.

“I feel like I wanna apologize for being really mean lately,” a tearful Kim said to Khlo. “I’ve been so unhappy in my life…I’m taking it out on everyone…I don’t like who I am in this marriage.”

She continued amid sobs: “My gut and my heart is telling me that I [married] too fast, and I didn’t know what I was doing. I feel, like, embarrassed. I think I got caught up in the fairytale of it.”

A solemn Khloé—who probably wanted to tattoo her sister’s forehead with ‘I told you so!’—deferred to being gentle on the gal’s ego. “Do you want to see how things are once you get back in L.A.?” Khlo asked.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen,” said Kim looking away.

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