‘Castle’: Castle Learns How Powerful The Conspiracy Is

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In the season premiere of “Castle,” Castle (Nathan Fillion) was contacted by a mysterious man involved with the conspiracy that killed Beckett’s mother. He warned Castle that if he did not persuade Beckett (Stana Katic) to stop investigating the murder, she would be killed. This week, the mystery man returns. Let’s call him The Non-Smoking Man since “Castle” loves its “X Files” references.

The case of the week involves the death of a college professor who quit teaching to work as a phone sex operator. Hey, it may pay better than academia these days. In fact, it turns out that she was going undercover to write a Nickel and Dimed  type book. The episode takes a surprising turn when Beckett discovers that the woman abandoned her original book proposal when a caller confessed involvement in an embezzlement scheme involving the mayor’s favorite charity.

That would be the same mayor who is Castle’s BFF and arranged for his Unofficial Police Detective position. Beckett feels she needs to investigate on her own. She may be right about Castle’s lack of objectivity. Castle insists that there is no way his friend could have anything to do with this. Then he gets a call from the Non-Smoking Man alerting him that Beckett could be in danger if she continues to pursue this case. Whoa. They meet in a parking garage where the NSM advises Castle to listen to the evidence. He figures out that this means they need to listen to the original call that came into the phone sex company. It turns out that the mayor’s deputy assistant to the Chief of Staff is the culprit, but the scandal is enough to wreck the mayor’s chance of becoming governor. After Eliot Spitzer, it does not seem like it would be a blip on the citizens’ of New York’s radar, but apparently fictional New York holds its politicians to high ethical standards.

The NSM meets with Castle one more time to explain that if the mayor left his office to become governor, Castle would have left the precinct and Beckett would have been vulnerable. The entire scandal was orchestrated to stop the mayor from running for higher office.  Castle is a well placed pawn in what is turning out to be a conspiracy that Oliver Stone would have trouble unraveling. Who killed Beckett’s mother? It may turn out to be the Illuminati.


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