‘Pretty Little Liars’: Lucas’s Secret Is Revealed

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Pretty Little Liars” is infamous for its red herrings. Countless times, it has appeared that the identity of A or of Allison’s killer was about to be revealed only to have it turn out to be a case of mistaken identity. So savvy fans of the show had reasons to be suspicious when the nerdy Lucas appeared to be collaborating with A last week before he flipped out and jumped into a lake in a seeming suicide attempt.

However, it is unlikely that anyone could have predicted just how anticlimactic the explanation for Lucas’s behavior would actually be. No, he was not driven to the brink of insanity by the way his crush, Hanna, (Ashley Benson) simultaneously flaunts her relationship with bad boy Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) and expects him to solve her academic problems. Nor was he traumatized by witnessing one of A’s heinous acts. Lucas gambled away Caleb’s life savings, which were inexplicably in Lucas’s bank account — make the effort to fill out a couple forms, Caleb — and called the crisis center where Emily was volunteering in a panic. When he realized that Emily recognized his voice, he decided he had to come clean with Hanna — not Caleb, the person he actually wronged. Then, he panicked, jumped into the lake, swam to shore without anyone noticing, and attempted to earn the money back by selling his comic book collection. Really, PLL? That is truly a weak, disappointing explanation.

In other storylines, Aria went to a play with Holden because she knew Ezra would also be attending, Emily learned that Maya dated a boy while they were broken up and Spencer went to Jenna’s school for the blind and learned Garrett visited Jenna shorty before Alison’s murder.


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