Watch: Mario Batali ‘Pre-Chew’ Jon Stewart’s Food on ‘The Daily Show’

by | January 17, 2012 at 11:50 AM | The Daily Show

It looks like the money that Jon Stewart got when Stephen Colbert transferred control of the Colbert SuperPAC to him on Thursday is going to the “Daily Show” host’s head. Literally.

Stewart opened last night’s show wearing a massive tiara, mentioning that he “came into a little bit of money” last week. During his opening segment, he not only pointed out that SuperPACs can spend money any way they want, he brought a clip from “This Week” where Colbert told George Stephanopoulos that he cannot tell Stewart how to spend the money.

So, besides the crown on his head, Stewart also hired Mario Batali to cook him a fritatta. Batali’s services also include some “pre-chewing,” which leads to one of the grossest things we’ve ever seen on “TDS”… and this is a show where the host used to eat Baconnaise right out of the jar.

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