Did Steve Carell Sneak Onto ‘The Office’ Last Week? Nope, Says NBC

Is that a bearded Steve Carell on "The Office"? (NBC)

Is that a bearded Steve Carell on "The Office"? (NBC)

UPDATE: NBC told The Washington Post that it’s not Carell. Oh, well. It was fun to speculate while the “controversy” lasted….

The New York Post was one of the first to notice this, but we thought it might be fun to join in on the speculation… Much of last week’s episode of “The Office” took place during a trivia night at a Philadelphia gay bar (long story as to how that happened, and it’s as contrived a plot as the show has ever had), and a member of one of the teams looked like Steve Carell in a thick beard.

Is it him? Take a look at the screen shot above; the bearded man in question — a member of the “Queerenstein Bears” team — is the second one from the right. What makes you notice are the eyes, because whoever is under that beard has the same saucer-like eyes that Carell has.

But upon further review, it doesn’t quite look like Carell’s nose, and watching it on a large TV points that out even more. But a later shot of the team doesn’t show the mystery man, so that brings us right back to the idea that it was indeed Carell under that beard.

Either way, NBC isn’t saying if it was him, which leads to more speculation. We could see Carell coming on set to visit old friends and doing a five-second cameo, just for poops and giggles, though; that just seems like the kind of group the folks at “The Office” are. If anything, though, it gave us one of the more clever trivia team names we’ve in in quite some time.

Watch the scene yourself and see if you think it’s Carell…

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/The-Office/7370/2186493516/Trivia/embed?skipTo=861 580 476]

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