Fun-loving Republicans Take Aim at Maddow in Pipeline Promo

Rachel Maddow (Photo: Getty Images)

A group dedicated to promoting Republican causes is lampooning liberal Rachel Maddow in a commercial supporting a proposed oil pipeline from Canada to the United States.

The spot can be seen here, in a story on The Huffington Post.

This hilarious political promo pokes good-natured fun at earnest Rachel. It parodies an MSNBC promo spot in which she’s seen wearing a hard hat and standing in front of Nevada’s Hoover Dam. (The MSNBC spot can also be seen on the HuffPo page.) The satirical spot was created by the National Republican Congressional Committee, a group that supports GOP issues and lawmakers.

In the MSNBC spot, Rachel is seen expressing her awe for the dam, completed in 1936 and one of the greatest public works in American history. As always, the MSNBC spot ends with the MSNBC slogan, “Lean Forward.”

The fun-loving parody promo has an actress in hard hat and Maddow-style glasses, also standing near the dam and delivering a speech in favor of a public works project — this one being the proposed Keystone XL pipeline project, which would deliver oil from northern Canada all the way to U.S. refineries on the Gulf Coast. The slogan on the parody spot: “Lean Backwards.”

Proponents of the pipeline say the project will create tens of thousands of American jobs and strike a blow for weaning the U.S. off of its dependency on foreign oil sources other than friendly Canada.

Opponents say an oil pipeline of this length would almost certainly be harmful to the environment and, possibly, subject to attack or sabotage, both in the process of its construction and later, when it’s up and running.

Our take: We happen to think this spot is hilarious, though we doubt Rachel will find it funny at all. Maybe she’ll comment on it on her show, which airs every weeknight at 9/8c on MSNBC.

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