Ricky Gervais Tells Letterman He’s Done with Globes For Now

David Letterman and Ricky Gervais (Photos: Getty Images)

Ricky Gervais told David Letterman he’s probably done with hosting the Golden Globe Awards, at least for now.

With his third consecutive Globe-hosting gig still fresh in his mind, Gervais turned up in New York Tuesday night on Letterman’s “Late Show” on CBS, where the two discussed the awards telecast seen Sunday night on NBC. In the process, Dave inadvertently revealed that he probably didn’t watch the awards show and knew very little about what happened on it — but more on that in a moment.

First, there were Ricky’s comments about hosting the show. “Are you done hosting the Golden Globes?” Dave asked him.

“Yeah, I think so, for now,” Ricky said, explaining why he did it three years in a row. “I did it the first time because I was sort of quite flattered and it’s a huge global audience for a comedian and I like writing gags — it’s what I do. I did it the second time because I thought I could improve on the first. And I wasn’t going to do it a third but then lots of people were saying he’d never be invited back so I did it to annoy them!”

“To show them!” Letterman said. “Good for you!”

Watch Ricky and Dave discuss the Golden Globes on “Late Show” here:
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Then, confusion reigned as Dave asked Ricky about comments Dave believed Ricky had made on the awards show, when those of us who watched the Globes on NBC knew the remarks in question were made by George Clooney, when he came on stage to accept his Best Actor award for “The Descendants.”

“We have a woman in the audience who had a series of questions about your behavior on the Golden Globes,” said Dave, referring presumably to a question that arose earlier, before the show started. “The references were golf, you playing golf, and your penis. Does that ring a bell?” Dave asked.

“What? Does what ring a bell?” Ricky asked in return. Ricky may or may not have realized the reference was actually about Clooney, who made a joke about playing golf in this unique way when he complimented a fellow nominee — Michael Fassbender — on his full-frontal nude scenes in the movie “Shame.” Fourteen million people saw and heard Clooney say this on NBC Sunday night, but apparently not Dave, nor whatever “Late Show” producer was supposed to prepare Dave for the Gervais segment.

Ricky gamely turned the question into a joke. “It’s a good party trick!” he said. “Get me a [golf club] and I’ll do my best.”

“It is a good party trick. There’s no gettin’ around that!” Dave said.

Ricky then tried to make sense of the confusion by explaining that, yes, he did make a joke about penis size during the awards telecast, but not the golf club joke (for the record, we counted at least three “penis size” jokes — the third emanating from co-presenters Tina Fey and Jane Lynch).

“So I did say ‘penis’,” admitted Ricky, 50, then adding happily: “I’ve said it three times tonight!”

“No, no, no!” said Letterman, 64. “I’m the one who started it!”

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