Stewart and Colbert Navigate SuperPAC’s ‘Loopchasm’ on ‘The Daily Show’

by | January 18, 2012 at 11:50 AM | The Colbert Report, The Daily Show

It’s been tough for Jon Stewart to figure out how to spend Stephen Colbert‘s SuperPAC money, and last night, he had Colbert on “The Daily Show” to get some guidance. Only one problem: Colbert, as the potential candidate the SuperPAC supports, can’t “coordinate” directly with anyone from the SuperPAC.

But there is a “loopchasm,” as Colbert called it, and he and Stewart managed to navigate it with ease. They did a mock “Colbert Report” so that Colbert could give his suggestions to the public rather than directly to Stewart. Then, with the SuperPAC’s lawyer on the phone, Colbert managed to communicate to Stewart while saying nothing but “I can’t coordinate in any way.” Take a look and see how we did it.

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