’30 Rock’ Episode Mocks its Own Star’s Gay Dilemma

by | January 19, 2012 at 10:29 PM | TV News

30 Rock (NBC)

NEW YORK (AP) — NBC comedy “30 Rock” has mocked one of its own cast members.

The show often finds laughs in real-life events in the show business world it inhabits. Thursday’s edition focused on Tracy Morgan, who found himself in real-life hot water last June after making anti-gay remarks during a stand-up appearance in Nashville, Tenn.

On the “30 Rock” episode, Morgan character Tracy Jordan sparked a protest after making a couple of ridiculous gay-oriented jokes during a concert date.

His boss was forced to apologize for him. The Tina Fey character explained to the media he’s incapable of hate against any group – he’s just an idiot.

In real life, Morgan publicly apologized to gay advocacy groups shortly after his rant.