Daytime Roundup: ‘The Power of the Newt’

Newt Gingrich (By: Chris McKay/Getty Images Entertainment)

What’s a little infidelity among the talk shows? The answer is a lot, especially if the person involved is a presidential candidate.

Nightline’s” announcement that they had interviewed the second wife of Republican candidate Newt Gingrich, made waves throughout the morning shows. “Today,” “The View” and “The Talk” all took the morning to give their spins on the clips ABC released featuring Gingrich’s ex Marianne Gingrich, who claimed that he wanted an open relationship, cheated on her with Callista Bisek (his current wife) after she discovered she had multiple sclerosis, and more.

This morning, “Today” went straight to the man himself to talk about the accusations. Gingrich, after discussing the South Carolina polls and Romney’s negative ads, opted not to address his history with his former wife.

“I’m not going to say anything negative about Marianne,” he said during the interview.

After Gingrich was asked if he thought that she was a credible person to talk about his character, he instead pointed to his two daughters, stating that they were “credible on my character.”

Here’s the video…

[iframe 580 476]

“The View” took their own spin, inviting Brian Ross, who conducted the interview, to join the crew.

The hosts questioned Ross about whether or not this was the interview that his wife said could destroy Gingrich’s career. Ross answered that some people who be surprised by the interview.

“She spoke in measured tones but she does say that she does not think her ex-husband has the moral character to serve as president.”

Joy Behar didn’t hide her disdain for the situation.

“This just goes to show you that women will go for anything. This guy, how he attracts these women, one after another is beyond me,” she said.

When asked if ABC should air the interview given that the important South Carolina primary was just two days away, ross answered that “Nightline” was looking at all the candidates and, in fact, ran the interview early to give Gingrich time to respond.

Watch the video for more…

[iframe 580 476]

Over on “The Talk,” Julie Chen and crew quickly sank their teeth into the subject matter turning from their astonishment at the number of women Gingrich had married (“It’s the power of the Newt!” said Sharon Osbourne) to an open discussion on whether or not an open marriage can work.

“If you want to ask for an open marriage you have to do that before you make the marriage open,” said Aisha Tyler. “You can’t like ‘Hey I ate your cake, is that ok?’”

Here’s the clip..

[iframe—Hosts-React-to-Gingrich-Open-Marriage-Claim/embed 580 476]

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