Paula Deen to Donate to the ADA; ‘Today’ Doc Calls Her Behavior ‘Egregious’

by | January 19, 2012 at 12:23 PM | The Chew, The Today Show, TV News

Mario Batali, Paula Deen and Michael Symon on "The Chew" (ABC)

Mario Batali, Paula Deen and Michael Symon on "The Chew" (ABC)

Yesterday, Paula Deen continued her “diabetes tour” in the safe haven of “The Chew,” where fellow Food Network buddies Michael Symon and Mario Batali assisted her in making some diabetes-friendly meals.

The show’s host, Clinton Kelly, didn’t exactly lob softballs to Deen, who’s been under fire from Anthony Bourdain and others for keeping her Type 2 diagnosis under wraps for three years while she still cooked decidedly blood sugar-spiking meals on her cable shows, but Kelly gave Deen more than enough room to answer the questions and filibuster about why she waited so long.

He did manage to ask an important question, though, about Deen and her sons taking an endorsement deal from Novo Nordisk to be a spokesman for a diabetes treatment program. That’s when Deen not only said that the program,, is approved by the American Diabetes Association, but that she’ll will donate an unspecified portion of the proceeds back to the ADA.

Her reasoning for taking the endorsement deal was simple: “we, like everybody else, have to work.” Watch the segments where Deen talks about her illness:

Meanwhile, on the “Today” show, NBC’s medical editor, Dr. Nancy Snyderman, gave her unvarnished opinion about Deen’s behavior. “Her behavior is egregious. Paula Deen had the chance to do the right thing and she blew it.” Snyderman continued to hector Deen from a news studio in Florida, criticizing her for holding on to the information for so long, then taking the deal with Novo Nordisk. “The idea is to prevent diabetes, not to treat it after the fact.” Wow. Imagine if we had Dr. Nancy as our doctor. We’re pretty sure she’d be worse on us than our mothers are. If she’s going to take on Paula Deen, then we don’t stand a chance.

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