‘The Talk’: Christina Ricci Talks Battle with Anorexia and Addiction to Reality TV

Christina Ricci in Pan Am (ABC)

Christina Ricci used a layover from “Pan Am” to visit the set of “The Talk,” where she spoke candidly about her battle with anorexia and how trying to fit in to a preconceived notion of beauty caused her to endanger herself.

“I was lucky,” she said. “I only really suffered from it for about a year and a half. Some people suffer from it for their entire lives or for ten years. But I was put into therapy very quickly, so I was able to overcome it.”

When asked about the reasons for her illness, she explained that the pressures of Hollywood got to her.

“I think it’s really awkward to go through puberty, and go through growing up and becoming a woman, when everybody is always kind of looking at you,” she said.

Meanwhile, although she stars in ABC’s drama “Pan Am,” her real passion, she said, is reality TV. Ricci told the co-hosts that she is “totally obsessed” with the genre, citing her affinity for the “bloodlust.”

“Every kind of ‘Housewife‘ I can watch …If there’s no ‘Housewife’ on Bravo, I will find the ‘Mob Wives‘ on VH1, or we’ll switch over to the ‘Baseball Wives‘ that comes on after.”

Watch Christina Ricci talk more about her battle with anorexia in the clip below…

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/The-Talk/140949/2188867515/The-Talk—Christina-Ricci-Opens-Up-on-Eating-Disorders/embed 580 476]

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