‘The Vampire Diaries’: Family Reunions

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Everyone reconnects with long  lost relatives in this week’s episode of  “Vampire Diaries,” “The Ties That Bind.” First, Bonnie asks, “Mother, may I borrow your magic so that I can open a locked coffin?” After determining that her mother, Abby, (Persia White) lives in driving distance, Bonnie (Kat Graham) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) go on a road trip. Bonnie has not seen her mother in fifteen years, so she has no real memories of her. Maybe there should be an episode that explains why so many parents in Mystic Falls abandon their kids.

Unfortunately for them, one of Klaus’s (Joseph Morgan) hybrid minions gets to Abby before they do. When they arrive, all seems fine. It turns out that Abby is raising a teenage boy, Jamie, who is the son of her ex. So, Abby will take care of someone else’s kid, but not her own. Ouch. It turns out that Abby used to be best friends with Elena’s mom. Does that mean that Gilberts and Bennetts are destined to be BFFs? Abby left Mystic Falls when Mikael showed up in search of toddler Elena. Abby lured him out of town and cast a spell so she could lock him in a coffin. It took so much magic that Abby lost her power from the strain of it. Abby admits that she stayed away so she could start a new life as a regular human. She rationalizes that Bonnie had her father and her grandmother. Abby will not be getting a World’s Greatest Mom mug this Mother’s Day. Bonnie tells her that Gram died. Abby, appropriately remorseful, says that while she no longer has powers, she would be happy to share her knowledge. But all is not as it seems. She and Jamie have been compelled by the hybrid. Abby gives Bonnie herbs that knock her out. She and the hybrid take her to the side of a highway for reasons that are not entirely clear. When Bonnie wakes up, Abby tells her that if she doesn’t tell her where the coffins are, Jamie will be compelled to kill himself. Bonnie texts Damon (Ian Somerhalder) before giving up the information. Abby thinks nature punished her for abandoning Bonnie. Maybe Bonnie can help her get her power back so she can help her figure out how to open the locked coffin. It’s hard to tell if she is being sincere or self serving.

Meanwhile, Stefan (Paul Wesley) shows up at Abby’s house to stalk Elena. Jamie, as part of his compulsion, shoots Stefan with a buckshot. The newly kick ass Elena knocks him out. Stefan asks Elena to dig out the buckshot. She decides that it’s the perfect time to tell him she kissed Damon. He wordlessly walks away, gutted. When she chases him, he apologizes for nearly driving her off the bridge, then says that Elena is better than both Salvatore brothers. Stefan is Team Matt.

Damon and Klaus meet at the witch house. Klaus announces he is prepared to end the Bennett line if he does not get his coffins back. The witches make three of them visible. Damon has moved the locked coffin thanks to Bonnie’s warning. Who or what could be in there? Jimmy Hoffa?

Stefan decks Damon for kissing Elena, the girl he has rejected numerous times this season. Damon shows him a familiar dagger. Could it be? Yes! It’s the second lost lost relative, Elijah (Daniel Gilles) rips the minion hybrid’s heart out of his body, then asks Klaus what he missed.

Tyler (Michael Trevino) is determined to break his sire bond with Klaus. So he recruits lost relative number three, Caroline’s vampire hating gay dad Bill (Jack Coleman) to teach him to fight it. He and Caroline chain Tyler up. Bill tells him to transform himself into a werewolf. When Tyler finally manages to do it, he breaks through his chains and attacks Bill.

Damon introduces herself to Meredith (Torrey DeVito). He wants to find out if she killed her ex-boyfriend. She knocks him out with an injection of vervane. While he is unconscious she takes some of his blood. She uses it to save Bill when he is brought to the hospital. She confides to Ric that she uses vampire blood to save patients all the time. Tyler apologizes to Bill for nearly killing him. Bill tells him that he won’t be able to break the sire bond until he can transform painlessly. Until then, he wants Tyler to stay away from Caroline.





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