Watch: Naughty Nudist Kathy Griffin Strips on ‘Letterman’

Kathy Griffin and David Letterman on "Late Show" Thursday (Photo: John Paul Filo/CBS)

Nutty Kathy Griffin stunned David Letterman Thursday night when she partially disrobed on his CBS “Late Show.”

This is her new thing: Stripping down to her undies in public. She first did it on New Year’s Eve, while co-hosting CNN’s live coverage of the celebration in New York with straitlaced Anderson Cooper, who seemed shocked at the spectacle of Griffin standing there in the middle of Times Square in just a bra and panties (though it should be noted that it was unseasonably warm in the Big Apple that evening).

Letterman seemed just as mystified as he stood to one side on “Late Show” while the ribald redhead struggled to unfasten some stubborn hardware on her dress and then pull it down until she was partially nude from the waist up. She performed her “Late Show” striptease just after Letterman showed some video of her strip show from the CNN New Year’s Eve telecast.

Griffin also claimed that, in previous years on the CNN New Year’s Eve show, she actually had to return her fee to CNN because she violated her contract for the evening by uttering four-letter words you’re not allowed to say on television. After she stripped for Letterman, though, Dave declared: “By the way, you don’t have to give the money back tonight!”

Watch zany Kathy Griffin strip for David Letterman in this clip:
[iframe—Kathy-Griffin-Undressed/embed 580 476]

As an added bonus, we also give you Dave’s “Top Ten” from Thursday night’s show, titled “The Top Ten Revelations in the Interview with Newt Gingrich’s Ex-Wife” (referring to the “Nightline” interview that aired on ABC opposite Letterman’s show on Thursday evening).

Among the “Top Ten” items were: “No. 10: He keeps getting married just for the cake!”; and “No. 9: Their towels were monogrammed ‘his’ and ‘current wife’s’!”

Watch the rest of Letterman’s “Top Ten” here:
[iframe—Newt-Gingrich-Top-Ten/embed 580 476]
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