Klum-Seal Divorce News is Red-Hot, But Still Unconfirmed

Heidi Klum and husband Seal at the Emmy Awards last September (Photo: Getty Images)

TV titan Heidi Klum is reportedly set to file divorce papers this week, ending her marriage to singer Seal after six years.

The split is being reported by multiple news and gossip organizations this weekend, but has not yet been officially confirmed (or denied) by either Heidi or her husband. The news is taking the world by surprise since the Klum/Seal marriage has always seemed to be among the most stable of celebrity marriages, at least publicly.

Among other details, stories are emphasizing how the couple renews their wedding vows each year with an elaborate party. The stories — none of which are yet revealing a reason for the reported split other than vague “irreconcilable differences” — seem to originate with TMZ.com, which first reported it here early Saturday. TMZ cited “sources with direct knowledge” who were nevertheless not named.

In following up the TMZ report, other news organizations proceeded with caution in the way they worded their stories. An example is this story on the Hollywood Reporter Web site. THR notes that its reporter tried to get a statement from press reps for Klum and Seal, but received no answer.

Similar stories ran all over the place, including New York’s two tabloids — the Daily News (here) and the New York Post (here). In fact, the Post story is so uncertain that it notes candidly, “Anything can happen.”

This story from Us Weekly takes a similar tone of uncertainty, while reporting on a few vague details about recent friction in the Klum-Seal marriage. The story even says the two are together in the same household this weekend — so who knows.

Adding fuel to the fire was a mysterious two-word Tweet that appeared on Seal’s Twitter page some time on Saturday. The mysterious words: “The End.”

Klum, of course, is the driving force behind one of TV’s most successful reality-competition shows, the iconic “Project Runway,” which started on Bravo and now airs on Lifetime.

In fact, you can watch this past week’s episode of “Project Runway All-Stars” right here:
[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Project-Runway/93782/2186673280/Patterning-for-Piggy/embed 580 476]
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