‘Castle’: Were Castle and Jason Bateman Separated at Birth?

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For years, people have commented on the resemblance between “Castle” star Nathan Fillion and movie star Jason Bateman. The two even joke about it on Twitter. Both actors are sexy, hilarious men that you could bring home to your mother. From certain angles, they do look like dopplegangers. This week’s episode of “Castle,” “An Embarrassment of Bitches,” addresses the phenomenon.  Given that Rick Castle and Fillion share the same face, it’s only natural that he might be mistaken for the man formerly known as Michael Bluth.

While imitating a reality star that he and Beckett suspect might be involved in the case of the week, Castle poses with his butt sticking out. A throng of paparazzi descend upon him. Castle assumes that they are interested in photographing him because he is a best selling author, because he apparently lives in a magic universe where writers are on the cover of magazines and everyone wants to know whether Dave Eggers or Jonathan Franzen wore it better. The photographers are disappointed when they realize that he is not Jason Bateman.

Castle and Beckett (Stana Katic) unraveled a convoluted case that involved dog shows, the aforementioned reality star, a new dog breed, and drug cartels. The best part were the numerous adorable, scene stealing canines, including the murder victim’s pooch who ended up in the temporary custody of Castle and Beckett. Predictably, Castle used the retriever as an excuse to drop by Beckett’s apartment. The writers had a lot of fun with the doggy premise, giving characters names like Patty Barker — a dog psychologist played by “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s” Nana Visitor and Kay Cappucio (Hilarie Burton of “White Collar“)  — pronounced Capoochio.


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