‘Pretty Little Liars’: How Not to Have a Secret Romance

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In this week’s episode of “Pretty Little Liars” “Blond Leading The Blind,” everyone is keeping secrets from each other. Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) had recovered more of the the video from A’s cell phone, We learn that right before she died, Jenna (Tammin Sursok), Garrett (Yani Gelman) and Noel (Brant Daugherty) were in Alison’s room and found the box of her things that Jason gave Aria. The video of course cuts off before Alison enters. The girls conclude that A was after Alison.

When Caleb asks some sensible questions about the phone that he is hacking, Hanna (Ashley Benson) destroys A’s cell phone in the blender. The other three liars, in turn tell Caleb that Jenna and Garrett are trying to frame them for Alison’s murder and the video footage on the phone could clear them. Caleb has conveniently saved all of the files to his computer and will keep doing whatever it is he is doing the de-corrupt them. The catch is that they all agree he cannot tell Hanna what he is doing. This is a dramatic rift in the sisterhood.

When Toby (Keegan Allen) falls off the scaffolding and gets a concussion that A tampered with last week, Spencer (Troiann Bellasario)  decides to dump him for his own protection rather than telling him about A. She wimps out and gets Emily (Shay Mitchell) to lie that she is breaking up with him to reunite with her ex. That ex would be the hot Brit doctor Wren (Julian Morris) who is conveniently treating Toby. Isn’t he still in medical school? If he’s a doctor now, he is really too old for Spencer. Get a second opinion, Toby.

One person who needs to learn to keep secrets is Aria (Lucy Hale). She leaves a couple thousand voicemails for Ezra (Ian Harding) telling him to meet her in Philadelphia, where she is going on another fake date with Holden (Shane Coffey). He seems to be up to something mysterious as well (A clandestine romance with Jenna or Maya? Is he working with A?) so he leaves her alone to sit on a bench. And sit. And sit. Finally, Ezra decides that Aria is worth the possible prison time, and shows up. The two of them have the world’s longest, slow motion kiss in the rain as the soundtrack wails about their forbidden lover. It’s actually quite cinematic and beautiful. It’s also very, very public. At the end of the episode, A rips apart photos of their statutory kiss along with photos of Spencer and Toby. Next time, Aria, you might want to get a room.



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