Joan and Melissa Rivers Make Barbara Walters Faint on ‘The View’

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When Joan Rivers is on a talk show, either as a host or a guest, you know you’re in for trouble. When she brings her daughter, Melissa, and starts a conversation about a woman with two vaginas, the direction the show is about to take becomes pretty clear.

That is, unless you’re Barbara Walters, who became the screaming voice of reason when the infamous mother-daughter duo visited “The View” on Tuesday to promote their show, “Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?

“I will not have toilet jokes,” wailed Walters. “I will not have two vaginas!”

Elisabeth Hasselbeck swooped in to diffuse the situation, but only after a cluster of not-safe-for-TV expressions were uttered by her guests and fellow co-hosts, causing 5 seconds of radio silence as the group composed themselves. (Watch above)

Hasselbeck explained the context of the discussion, noting that Melissa Rivers had recently begun a romantic relationship with Steve Hirsch, the founder of adult entertainment company Vivid Entertainment, who had offered a British woman with two vaginas $1 million to star in one of their movies.

Not one to let a juicy subject drop, Joan interjected, “I was in porn before I did comedy! ‘Joanie Jumps Japan,’ remember that?”

“And there’s the ‘Joan and Joy’ series?” asked Melissa.

“It was very interesting, but you insisted on being on top all the time,” Behar quipped.

Too exhausted to hold in the reigns any longer, Barbara Walters swooned.

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