The Wednesday Buzz: Gabby Giffords Gets a Presidential Hug and More

Gabrielle Giffords gets a hug from President Obama at the State of the Union Address (AP/YouTube)

Gabrielle Giffords gets a hug from President Obama at the State of the Union Address (AP/YouTube)

Last night, the big news was about President Obama‘s third State of the Union address. And while the address had the usual content: why this country is great, what our problems are, what the president has accomplished, what his roadblocks were, etc., the big moment was the appearance of Gabrielle Giffords on the House floor.

Giffords has decided to resign her House seat in order to concentrate on her recovery from the head injuries she suffered in a shooting a year ago, so this will be the last time she’s in the chamber for the time being. She not only got a standing ovation from the joint congressional session that was in the chamber, but Obama gave her a huge hug as he entered the room.

This was not a cursory hug, by the way; it was a “really glad to see you and that you’re OK” kind of a hug, complete with swaying. But everything about how she was treated that night shows that sometimes politics don’t matter, even in Washington.

You can see some raw video of Giffords getting some love at the bottom of the post. Also, click the links below to watch some of the other fun stuff that happened yesterday:

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