Steve-O Sued Over Alleged Karaoke Injury — Yes, Karaoke Injury

Steve-O (By: Denise Truscello/Getty Images Sport)

Steve-O has moved on from doing nasty bodily harm to his own body on camera, to doing nasty bodily harm to other people’s bodies on camera. At least, according to a lawsuit filed Thursday.

The “Jackass” star has been slapped with a negligence suit by a woman who claims that she was injured during a taping of his upcoming reality series, “Killer Karaoke.”

Susanne Ohman says that she participated in a taping of the show — which features contestants singing karaoke while they’re distracted by various diversion — in October 2011, and that she suffered a host of serious boo-boos that necessitated medical care.

According to Ohman, contestants on the day of her taping were challenged to sing while being doused with liquid and, over the course of the 12-hour day, the floor of the studio became dangerously wet. When she finished her performance, Ohman says, she attempted to descend the stage but, without any mats, grips or any other method of steadying herself, she fell on the stairs, leading to numerous injuries.

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“As a direct result of said negligence, Plaintiff fractured and damaged her tibia, patella, ligaments, knee, leg, bones, and injured her muscles, bone, circulatory system and body,”

Claiming premises liability, willful failure to warn, negligence per se, gross negligence and fraudulent concealment, Ohman is seeking general damages; medical costs for the past, present and future; damages for emotional distress, mental suffering and anguish; compensation for loss of earnings; and for the cost of the suit, among other damages. Ouch!

Leave it to Steve-O to turn karaoke into an event capable of injuring something other than one’s ears. Allegedly.

Zodiak USA and Argyle Productions, which are producing “Killer Karaoke,” are also named in the suit.

A representative for Steve-O has not yet responded to TheWrap’s request for comment.

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