‘Two-Faced’ Jennifer Aniston ‘Bashes’ Chelsea Handler

by | January 26, 2012 at 11:08 AM | After Lately

Echoing the very real negative sentiments uttered by Joan Rivers earlier in the week, Jennifer Aniston has some more affectionate ribbing for her close friend Chelsea Handler. (For those not keeping score, Rivers responded to recent criticism from Handler by calling the “Chelsea Lately” host  a “drunk,” a “whore,” and alleging that the only way she became famous was by sleeping her way to the top.)

Aniston is a guest star on Sunday’s “After Lately” finale, and in the preview clip above, she takes aim at everything from Handler’s career, hygiene (“when we were in Cabo, she never showered”), and even her personal life. “What about the little guy?” Aniston asks in Handler’s writing room. “You know – the one who she slept with [Handler's ex-boyfriend and former Comcast Entertainment head honcho Ted Harbert] to get the gig?”