Watch: Andy Cohen Disses Paula Deen on ‘Anderson’

by | January 26, 2012 at 4:01 PM | Anderson

Does it seem like Andy Cohen is everywhere? It does to us. Not only is he on “Watch What Happens Live” five nights per week now, but he’s giving Hoda and Kathie Lee “Today’s Buzz” on a regular basis. Now he’s paneling on “Anderson,” along with CNN’s early morning crank caller Ashleigh Banfield. In the episode scheduled to air on Friday, Anderson Cooper asked the panel about Paula Deen and the backlash against her after she announced she has diabetes.

Andy, who made sure to say how much he loved Paula — surely he wants her to keep guesting on “Top Chef” in the future — managed to not only criticize Paula’s move to wait three years before going public with her illness, but ended up quoting RuPaul in the process. Only Andy Cohen can be serious and silly, all in the same sentence. We’re not sure, though, if that’s a gift or a problem…