Ellen DeGeneres Scolds ‘Bachelor’ Ben for Swooning Over Courtney

by | January 27, 2012 at 10:57 AM | Ellen, The Bachelor, TV News

She might be “Winning!” Ben Flajnik‘s affections on the “Bachelor,” but mean girl Courtney Robertson is definitely not winning any points with talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.

Inviting Benji to her show this week, Ellen chided the 29-year-old for falling for the modelina’s manipulative behavior and giving her the rose on the group date on Monday’s show.

“She manipulated you to try and get that rose. She said, ‘Oh, I don’t know how I feel.’ Then you went and got the rose and gave it to her. That was not right,” the host angrily said to the 29-year-old winemaker.

Ben tried to dodge the host’s arrows. “I told my mom and sister that I didn’t want the L.A. models and all that kind of stuff, so that was one of the hurdles,” he explained.

But Ellen decided to drive the point home to the presumably misguided bachelor.

“She may be a lovely person—and you’re probably engaged to her—but the thing is, the way it was edited, she came off not nice. I could be wrong, because it’s not fair to judge someone, but man, she was playing you!” she said.

The 54-year-old comedian added: “I’m going to find you a nice girl, ’cause that didn’t work!”