Has ‘Fear Factor’ Gone Too Far With Its Latest Stunt?

Fear Factor host Joe Rogan (NBC)

In both its incarnations, “Fear Factor” has asked its contestants to ingest a lot of disgusting stuff, including various animal testicles (made in the most unappetizing way possible), cow’s blood, and live scorpions. But TMZ has revealed that on Monday’s episode, Joe Rogan will be encouraging the contestants — sets of twins this time around — to chug down one of the grossest things we’ve ever seen: Donkey semen, with a urine chaser.

Yes, we’re throwing up in our mouths a little bit, too, but there was no more delicate way to write that and convey just how gross the prospect of even watching this is. TMZ reports that after the stunt was shot over the summer, NBC had some second thoughts about letting it air, but after some discussions, gave the go-ahead to show it. Thank goodness they came to their senses and let it see the light of day, huh?

Listen, we know it’s “Fear Factor,” so having any kind of outrage over a stunt like this is a waste of energy. And if people want to guzzle donkey excretions on national television in order to win some money, then that’s their business. We just wonder where the “too far” limit is for this show if donkey semen is deemed OK. Wait, maybe we don’t want to think about that right after we’ve eaten breakfast…

Watch the latest episode, if you have a strong stomach:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Fear-Factor/173550/2185311986/Roach-Coach/embed 580 476]


[iframe http://i1.fc-img.com/CTV02/Comcast_CIM_Internal_Ingest_Browse_Videos/16/321/VOD_Academy_Awards115.html 600 180]


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