The Friday Buzz: Jon Stewart on Newt’s Moon Base and More

"The Daily Show" (Comedy Central)

"The Daily Show" (Comedy Central)


The GOP presidential race has been like raw red meat for the late night talk shows, and the candidates are making things extremely easy for them to lampoon.

Take the case of Republican co-leader Newt Gingrich. Besides the three marriages and his Dwight Schrute-esque portrait from the ’70s, Newt is saying all sorts of stuff to make people like Jon Stewart and his “Daily Show” staff drool. For instance, he says that by the end of his second term — very presumptuous of him, isn’t it? — we’ll have a base on the moon that will be applying for statehood.

Do the math, people: that’s in 2020, a mere eight years from now. Considering we barely have a space program in place, that’s a lofty goal. But in the show’s usual style, Stewart not only calls Gingrich out on the notion’s craziness, he also uses the man’s words against him, citing what he said when Washington, DC lobbied for statehood while he was in Congress.

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