Watch: Kim Explodes Into Tears, Tells Kourt She Wants Out of Marriage

by | January 27, 2012 at 12:37 PM | Kourtney and Kim Take New York

The fast-moving destruction of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries‘ marriage will reach its ugly-cry apex on this Sunday’s “Kourt & Kim Take NY” when Kim explodes into a tearful confessional that she wants to call it quits.

“He’s everything on paper, exactly what I want in someone, but for some reason, my heart isn’t connecting,” Kim tells Kourt. “I’ve tried, and I’ve tried, but I don’t know what to do!”

As Kourt and baby daddy Scott Disick look on speechless, Kim unleashes a downpour of tears as she realizes what she believes she must do: divorce Kris.

“I feel awful that I made him move out here and change his whole life!” howls Kim. “He fell in love with me and I fell in love with him, but now my feelings have changed—you don’t think I feel bad that I invited all these people to this huge wedding and flew everyone out?! I wasted everyone’s time, I wasted everyone’s money, and I feel bad! You don’t think I feel bad?! People make mistakes!”

Watch Kim and Kris’ Awkward Date Night:

Watch her ginormous mistake unfold on “Kourt & Kim Take NY” this Sunday on E! at 10/9c.