‘Mob’ Wife Hospitalized Following Father’s Arrest: Report

Renee Graziano of VH1's "Mob Wives" (Photo: VH1)

The harsh reality of life on the fringes of (alleged) organized crime hit home Friday for one of VH1’s “Mob Wives.”

This particular mob “wife” was Renee Graziano, who reportedly was rushed to the hospital after she learned her father, Anthony “TG” Graziano, 71, had been arrested as part of a new roundup of alleged mobsters in New York. Anthony Graziano is believed to be a “high-ranking” member of the Bonanno crime family.

TMZ.com had the story first, right here, and it was then picked up by The Hollywood Reporter here. And The New York Post reported on the mob roundup here.

TMZ says Renee had some sort of “panic attack” after hearing the news — partly due to the arrest of her father (though he’s been arrested many times in the past apparently) and because her ex-husband, Hector “Junior” Pagan (father of their teen-aged son) is believed to be the informant whose information led to the arrests of the others last week.

Our take: We’d be “panicking” too if we’d heard this! In fact, we just saw Hector and Renee on a “Mob Wives” episode we caught the other day. Doesn’t anybody go into witness-protection anymore?

Whether they do or they don’t, this show is nowhere for a mob informant to hide because, at the moment, it’s one of those shows that seems like it’s always on.

As it happens, “Mob Wives” is in the midst of its second season and drawing decent audience numbers Sunday nights at 8/7c (VH1 says it’s averaging 2.2 million viewers an episode). “Mob Wives” is really about a group of female “Mob Relatives” with varying familial ties to suspected mobsters around New York City. Like other VH1 reality shows, this one is known for the combustibility of its characters, as profanity-laced catfights seem to break out every other minute on this show.

The show has apparently become hot enough for VH1 to create a new half-hour spinoff premiering Sunday night (Jan. 29) at 9/8c on which the mob wives will recap the show we just watched, like all the various “reunion” and followup shows that have long been customary for reality TV shows.

The title of this new one: “Mob Wives: The Sitdown.” Cute, right? Hey, as long as this new show includes our favorite “Mob Wives” character, “Big Ang” (pronounced with a soft “g” — from her real name “Angela Raiola”), then we’re there.

Meanwhile, there was no further word on Renee’s hospitalization, or whether she’s still hospitalized or recovering at home.

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