The Monday Buzz: An ‘Undercover Boss’ Finds an Unruly Employee and More

The show “Undercover Boss” may seem formulaic at times, but every once in a while, the boss that’s going undercover finds an employee that needs a little remedial help — if not an outright pink slip — in order to fit into that company’s family.

Such was the case when, on last night’s episode, when Rick Tigner, the new CEO of wine maker Kendall-Jackson went on a delivery run with truck driver Rene. Rene’s good at his job, but his attitude towards the people back in his office, as well as customer service, was more than a little lacking. “F—- customer service,” were words that actually came out of his mouth. His goal? Get the truck empty by the end of the day. Doesn’t matter if he almost gets into a fistfight with a customer to get that done.

Tigner almost fired him on the spot, but decided to take some different action instead, which actually may have turned out to be the better decision. Watch the entire episode above and click on these links to see what other fun stuff happened over the weekend:

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