Watch Miss Piggy’s Takedown of Fox News

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Remember when a host on Fox News accused the Muppets of promoting an anti-business agenda in their recent movie? Yeah, we thought it was silly, too, and not because it was on Fox. Any host going after the political bent of what is essentially a kids’ movie is just asking to get ridiculed, even if the person is right (we don’t know if he is; we were to busy enjoying “The Muppets” to worry about it’s a left-wing parable or not).

Well, Miss Piggy and Kermit — and the very smart Muppeteers who operate them — were doing a press junket in England last week to promote the release of the film, and a reporter asked them about the Fox News comment. While Kermit dismissed the notion that they’re against oil companies by citing the “gas-guzzling Rolls Royce” they drove around during the movie, Piggy had a much more pointed response, one that elicited loud laughs from a crowd who’s probably not the biggest fan of Rupert Murdoch at the moment.

(Speaking of which, the reporters also asked Kermit and Piggy about the British phone hacking scandal, and their responses to that were also pretty funny…)

Watch this clip from “The Muppets”:

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